The Source, what the hip-hop world once considered “The Bible” of hip-hop has given PA’s own a 5-Mic rating for his latest album Trill OG. Now, I’m happy for Bun getting the rating but I have to wonder something. When was The Source still considered a go to spot for hip-hop credibility? The last album they gave 5 Mics? Lil Kim’s Naked Truth album in 2005.

The upcoming issue of The Source reviews albums from a list of Hip-Hop heavy hitters who each has recently released a stunning well-crafted body of work that has shaped the year’s best albums creatively, lyrically and production-wise. “The Mindsquad of the new Source Magazine and recognized Bun B and his Rap-A-Lot label for an authentic Hip-Hop album from a respected artist that has paid his dues, perfected the art of story-telling in his music and contributed greatly to the streets and culture of the art form,” explains L.Londell McMillan publisher of The Source.

… The state of Hip-Hop music returns strong with these releases and The Source celebrates the return of Hip-Hop dominance. These artists have pushed the envelope, crafted chart topping music and are helping restore Hip-Hop’s dominance, with Bun B the leading the pack. Trill OG’s [5 mics] rating is something only a select few have received in the 22-year history of The Source.

So would you rank Trill OG alongside Illmatic, Reasonable Doubt, The Blueprint, Me Against The World and other classic albums?