The Best of the Rest, where a soccer column hoping that the beautiful game can be left on the field and not in its impassioned fans jinxes a heavy favorite at the World Cup. While Chris Brown may have taken the world back by storm as if he were sixteen again during the BET Awards telecast, the bloggers of the world either rode with him or against him. I hope he builds on his press and keeps it positive at least. Our good friend Big Boi is finally seeing his album released on Tuesday (expect that cover above to greet you when you crack it open.

Oh and Katy Perry posed for Esquire Magazine. Joy.

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The Best of 2010 (So Far…) [Complex]
– Yep, 2010 is almost over. Complex decides to go over everything that has been great so far in 2010.

Andrew Garfield Is The New “Spider-Man” [Variety]
– Since Sony wanted to reboot the franchise that basically ushered in the whole “$100 million opening weekend craze”, they needed a new Spidey. Meet Andrew Garfield and let’s hope he knows how to use his web sling.

8 Things Twilight Has Ruined (Besides Vampires) [Uproxx]
– Let’s count the number of ways people really despise the vampire craze. True Blood is the shit. Twilight isn’t (to me at least).

Rent A White Person? You Can If You’re In China [CNN]
– Probably the most straight forward and still WTF? link you’ll read this week.

Twenty Years In the Life of Mel Gibson’s Publicist [Cracked]
– Cracked writers take their hand at Mel’s recent racist rant, this time yelling and screaming at the mother of his love child. Yeah, Mel’s been this way for a while folks. I wonder where was Danny Glover in all of this?

Internet Killed The Mixtape Star [HHDX]
– Greg Simms takes a look at how the internet has basically changed how rappers market themselves since Soulja Boy invented the viral marketing campaign.

Observations of Haiti (Letter by Immortal Technique) [AHH]
– After January’s earthquake ravaged the country, there are still issues to be had there, no matter what national news may tell you at the moment. Rapper and activist Immortal Technique takes a trip down to the country and documents what he’s seen.