No sport is that important.

I don’t know how to make myself seem bold like a particular font face in using my voice so I will merely stress this even further. Nigeria, no sport is worth shutting down after a disappointment in a tournament. Face it, letting your team NOT play doesn’t improve them in the future, it only makes their e-mail spamming that much better. All jokes aside, this is the most important statement I’ll make: No sport is worth killing someone over.

I’ll admit that the World Cup has made me reanalyze my passions as a soccer fan since I kind of wax and wane on the sport like the moon does on a daily basis. I loved watching soccer on Spanish television stations just to hear announcers over enunciate the word goal. But, I don’t see how the “beautiful game” can wield such tragic results.

The killing and frenzy portrayed in the ESPN 30 for 30 series The Two Escobars was for positions of power and drug related. Killing a two year old like one McAllen, Texas resident did simply for the fact she wouldn’t be quiet during the US/Ghana match doesn’t make me understand the game more than I do. It made me question if anything was really worth that much.

I have no monetary investment in the tournament, merely rooting interest as a fan and citizen of the United States. Once the US went out last Saturday, the majority of the country who weren’t already huge soccer fans immediately turned out the spot as they do every four years. I have arguments at my 9 to 5 over the legitimacy of the sport in the United States and always succumb to the idea that the NFL and NBA will dominate regardless. That and the flopping and terrible officiating kill the soccer notion for any casual fan. The argument didn’t make me want to kill two people over it like a man did in Dallas a few weeks ago, because it’s merely a sport. Somebody has to win and somebody has to lose.

Why do I love soccer? It’s probably the most well defined team sport we have going. Every close goal is like a game winner and has the blood pumping and boiling. If you saw Landon Donovan’s goal to beat Slovenia, you almost had a heart attack, like these folks almost did. Everybody has to play a role somehow (no Delonte West) and the best get rewarded like kings. You think the NBA’s Free Agency right now looks like the biggest lottery in the world? Imagine if they did that sort of thing overseas where they pay players that type of money on a whim. Hell, the Los Angeles Galaxy of Major League Soccer were loaned David Beckham for half a billion dollars. Yes, that’s B in billion.

Still, all that greatness doesn’t make me feel that much of a fan if I have to kill somebody over it. It will never be that serious to me. I’m not getting paid to spend my mornings scanning through ESPN coverage; I’m not getting a Nike sponsorship, anything of that matter. I merely want to enjoy the high and lows of it, even if my squad is no longer in the competition. The tragic stories should be left on the field, the classic adage of “the joys of victory, the agony of defeat”.

Blare a couple vuvuzelas for Argentina and Brazil to meet in the final, but I doubt I’ll have July 11th off to even watch. I know a couple of families right now are wishing they could share that same moment, but alas – soccer brought out the worst in people.

A beautiful game somehow rotted the mind.