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I care very little about watching another performance of “Not Afraid” or “On to the Next One”. If you’ve seen one, you’ve see them all (word to FlipCams at concerts). But getting Eminem & Jay-Z together to perform “Renegade”? That is something I’ll gladly glance at any day of the week.

By the way, Marshall’s projected to pull in almost 700K in sales come next Tuesday, knocking Drake from the #1 spot on the Billboard 200.

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  1. Kap'n

    Em killed this one (in front of a live audience and not in the booth)…AGAIN! He made Jay-Z look bad on his own track (in his home town)…AGAIN! Lol! What other reason did Em have for being at this concert?

  2. Brando

    *takes breath*

    Em and Jay are doing promotion for this concert series they’re doing in September with Em headlining two shows in Detroit’s Comerica Field and Jay-Z being the opening act. They then are gonna do the reverse of that in Yankee Stadium.


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