Everybody wants to be the one, doesn’t matter what particular field you want to categorize yourself in. While everyone was catching up to the Lakers in the NBA, the Saints in the NFL & the Blackhawks in NHL, nobody will ever catch up to Michael Jackson in the music industry.

The numbers before his passing a year ago were already staggering. You should know them like the back of your hand if you’re an MJ fanatic. Thriller goes for 37 weeks at #1, 750 million albums sold combined, having a hand in having almost an entire genre or two recognize his greatness for trying to emulate it and more. After his passing, he sold another 200 million records, had his estate ink the biggest recording contract in history and saw at least 8 of his previous albums land in the Billboard Top Ten. In death, MJ had once again beaten everyone who thought he was finished.

With that legacy in mind, Jay-Von takes a chopped “Billie Jean” sample and declares himself the one over anybody who is willing to test him on the microphone. After the success of 11 PM, I wouldn’t be one to bet against him. The typical Mo City braggadocio is laced throughout numerous punchlines with that MJ sample repeating in the background, “I am the one.”

Maybe he is, only time will tell.

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