A year ago today, we lost Michael Jackson.

Had this been during the height of his scandal plagued days, the news might seem somber, bittersweet even. As he was preparing his comeback across the pond and then news broke out on that unfaithful Thursday last June, the world immediately stopped and Michael Jackson had us baiting at his every move. It almost seemed like we were young watching the “Thriller” video for the first time. The news, stories, rumors and tributes strolled en masse as nearly every awards show paid some tribute to the King of Pop.

In death, his legacy was restored more for his music and societal contributions than his tabloid press. Which is how it should be.

His funeral was grand, his comeback after death raked him more fame that any than which he may have been alive and it seems almost surreal that we’re even talking about Michael as if he just left. It frankly makes me wonder how much can we cherish someone who tried his best to entertain us and at the same time, try to tear him down? Maybe because he did so much to try and warrant the fame, he wanted for us to like him so much that he strive to no end to make us believe.

Determination may aide in making someone great, maybe even legendary. The best sort of tribute I could even conjure up would be the Michael Jackson: The King set I created in the span of two days. So if you missed it then, here it is now.

I’m thankful for having Michael in my life, even if I never really knew him. You’ve got to cherish the men and women who inspire you, even if you know them. So, what are your thoughts on MJ in the year since he’s passed?