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Carrying the burden of having the most anticipated album of the year on your shoulders is pretty maddening. Wayne did it in 2008, Jay-Z did it in 2009 and now the task falls upon Drake with Thank Me Later. For the better part of four months, Radical Media followed Aubrey around in the same vein they did for Jay-Z’s Fade to Black film in 2003. Part one above is folks within the music industry wondering is Drake the next big thing in music. For everything else, hit the jump.

Part Two: Drake wants people to have confidence in his abilities.
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Part Three: Putting the final touches on Thank Me Later.
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Part Four: Drake’s biggest fear: losing his go to producer Noah “40” Shebib.
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Part Five: The Drake/Hanson Concert Gets Cancelled.
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Part Six: Everything comes from Mom.
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Part Seven: 466,000 copies = #1 Album.
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