The House That Marc Ecko Built got to sneak in a laptop and some press coverage for Curren$y’s Def Jam debut Pilot Talk. Even though half of the album has found its way onto hard drives and MP3 players thanks to the captain himself, you can’t be mad at the cuts he kept in the cabin until July 13th. One of those is a posse cut with Jay Electronica and Mos Def. Yes, a Center Edge Territory track. Complex writes:

After Curren$y confirmed last year that he, Mos, and Jay Elec had recorded six songs together under the group name Center Edge Territory, the Internet’s ears perked up. Thankfully, their first record does not disappoint. Everyone goes in and adds their own signature flow, with Jay boasting, “Tell the boys they run is up.” That’s real talk: if a group album really is on the horizon, it’s about to be a wrap for these other dudes.

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