A year ago, we were right here at this same point. This same exact feeling either joy or pure hate for the Los Angeles Lakers winning an NBA Championship. While last year’s title game against much easier competition, this year’s came in seven games at the expense of the Boston Celtics as well. I’m pretty sure all the Lakers fans will break windows ala Jazmine Sullivan in celebration but not necessarily look at the facts: free throw differential, Ron Artest’s shrink and Kobe Bean Bryant.

The first two are easy to explain: Artest is liable to say anything with a microphone in his face. The refs hid the whistles for three quarters and sent the Lakers to the line like a parade to Superhead’s vagina before her tell-all came out. But Kobe.

We (still) hate Kobe.

Throughout the seven games, Kobe only really had one great one (Game 5) and it turned out to mean absolutely nothing in the end. The other games were carried mostly by his supporting cast of Derek Fisher, Pau Gasol & Ron Artest. He was bailed out on calls, cried whenever he was called for a foul and even when wanting to be the gracious winner, he decided to throw shots at Shaq.

You know, the same Shaq who said “Kobe, tell me how my ass tastes.” The same Shaq who called Kobe the greatest Laker ever. How does Bean respond when asked what does the 5th title mean to him?

“One more than Shaq. Take that to the bank.”

If anything, Kobe shouldn’t have won the MVP trophy. If you want to talk about making a true impact on the series, it wasn’t Bryant despite averaging almost 29 points a game. Rather, hand it to Pau Gasol who backed up his comments about Kevin Garnett earlier in the series and outperformed Garnett for most of the series (save for that Game 5 stinkbomb).

But LA wouldn’t let that happen. Not to Kobe. Not to somebody who let his daughters come out the house looking like Power Rangers and almost single handedly brought bedazzled items back from their spots on those Home Shopping channels. Not to somebody who hand to stand on a table like Jordan to celebrate a win. Not to somebody who married … well, I won’t be too mad at Vanessa Bryant, she’s only playing the Silent Kardashian role.

Then again, I’m not a Kobe hater. I left Colorado in the past like the most of Lakerdom even if this one guy at my job decided to tell me specifically why he hated Kobe Bryant. On the court, he’s the closest thing we may see to Michael Jordan (his Game 7 was eerily similar to Jordan’s Game 6 win in 1992). Every time the guy makes a shot that seems impossible to make, I salute his greatness. Off the court, he’s a pariah from the moment people wake up to the moment they sleep.

Oh well basketball fans, time to tune into the third season – “The Summer of LeBron”.