A year ago, we were right here at this same point. This same exact feeling either joy or pure hate for the Los Angeles Lakers winning an NBA Championship. While last year’s title game against much easier competition, this year’s came in seven games at the expense of the Boston Celtics as well. I’m pretty sure all the Lakers fans will break windows ala Jazmine Sullivan in celebration but not necessarily look at the facts: free throw differential, Ron Artest’s shrink and Kobe Bean Bryant.

The first two are easy to explain: Artest is liable to say anything with a microphone in his face. The refs hid the whistles for three quarters and sent the Lakers to the line like a parade to Superhead’s vagina before her tell-all came out. But Kobe.

We (still) hate Kobe.

Throughout the seven games, Kobe only really had one great one (Game 5) and it turned out to mean absolutely nothing in the end. The other games were carried mostly by his supporting cast of Derek Fisher, Pau Gasol & Ron Artest. He was bailed out on calls, cried whenever he was called for a foul and even when wanting to be the gracious winner, he decided to throw shots at Shaq.

You know, the same Shaq who said “Kobe, tell me how my ass tastes.” The same Shaq who called Kobe the greatest Laker ever. How does Bean respond when asked what does the 5th title mean to him?

“One more than Shaq. Take that to the bank.”

If anything, Kobe shouldn’t have won the MVP trophy. If you want to talk about making a true impact on the series, it wasn’t Bryant despite averaging almost 29 points a game. Rather, hand it to Pau Gasol who backed up his comments about Kevin Garnett earlier in the series and outperformed Garnett for most of the series (save for that Game 5 stinkbomb).

But LA wouldn’t let that happen. Not to Kobe. Not to somebody who let his daughters come out the house looking like Power Rangers and almost single handedly brought bedazzled items back from their spots on those Home Shopping channels. Not to somebody who hand to stand on a table like Jordan to celebrate a win. Not to somebody who married … well, I won’t be too mad at Vanessa Bryant, she’s only playing the Silent Kardashian role.

Then again, I’m not a Kobe hater. I left Colorado in the past like the most of Lakerdom even if this one guy at my job decided to tell me specifically why he hated Kobe Bryant. On the court, he’s the closest thing we may see to Michael Jordan (his Game 7 was eerily similar to Jordan’s Game 6 win in 1992). Every time the guy makes a shot that seems impossible to make, I salute his greatness. Off the court, he’s a pariah from the moment people wake up to the moment they sleep.

Oh well basketball fans, time to tune into the third season – “The Summer of LeBron”.

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  1. Raul

    I hate Kobe with a passion, but I can’t deny how great of a player he is…I suppose I hate him for being so good. But, I also hate the fact that the refs always help him out. If you so much as look at him while he is shooting you will be called for a foul. The NBA is a lot harder to watch nowadays because the refs impact the game way too much. It would be much more exciting if the games were called fairly.


    • Anonymous

      History will forget the details, and other championships will be won with waves of swished shots and chin-up dunks.

      Sadly, we can all REALLY HATE Kobe Bryant, but not body will remember what an arse he was but the a good players.

      We don’t like him because he epitomize idolatry, self-fishiness, arrogance, inconsideration, rude, “morallessness,”and a complete psychopathic behavior but in a healthy positive way. He stirs up our inner demons. It confuses us.

      We all have Kobe in us. I bet you too are a champion in your own community and that you are so good that you have no regards for others.

      It is okay, again, History will forget the details, and in the end, we will all remember that you were awesome in what you do, just like Kobe was a really good player.

      May we all rest in peace.


    • Anonymous

      shut up f*cking losers!! champion is champion!! even though you hate black mamba “kobe” just shut your mouth and accept the fact!! hahaah

      • Raymond

        Well, let’s be honest.. You guys won by 4 points wouldn’t be talking that much yes you won but you only had the edge at the 4th quarter

      • asoldier4jesus

        Is your language really a necessary? And also you can’t say that she is hating on him because he is a “black mamba” ok, that is turning this more racial than it needs to be. And if you actually read alot of the post that were put on later that yes people believe that he is a good player but dislike him for other reasons.

        I personally dislike Kobe because he is a hotshot and is over rated. I am sick of him being called the next Michael Jordan when he can’t even lead his team in the finals. Also along the lines of his talent, sure he is good but they all are good (no duh it is the NBA) but he isn’t the most amazing player.
        Kobe has never been a leader that MJ was to his team. He can not win the game for his team.
        Yes the Lakers are the champions but really is it a win when it was set up for you to win?

        Now are you going to swear at me too?

  2. Eric

    You’re NOT a Kobe hater? Really? REALLY? Who are you trying to convince…yourself or your readers?
    You may fool yourself, but not your readers. You not only take cheap, unsubstantiated shots at Bryant, but then low, low shots at his children. If that’s not hate, there’s none in this world.

    I can’t argue that Gasol should have been the MVP.

    I can’t argue that the Lakers got some calls in the 4th quarter. But on that note, the Celtics had the Lakers on their heels in the first half and couldn’t deal the death blow.

    I can’t argue that Kobe whines pitches a fit about calls sometimes. But OMG…did you actually WATCH this series? Do you actually WATCH the NBA?? Nobody cries and whines more than ‘Sheed Wallace and Paul Pierce. Neither of those guys ever committed a foul. And look at LaBron…supreme whine king!

    The Lakers should NOT have won this series. They don’t have a playmaker point guard. They aren’t physically tough. But they are mentally tough. And Bryant, having a rotten shooting performance, found ways to make a difference elsewhere in the game.

    Not a Kobe hater? Yes, you are. Probably a Laker hater, too. Jump on the bandwagon….that train’s rolling out of L.A. full of you guys.

    • James

      I totally co-sign everything that Eric says. You are DEFINITELY a Kobe hater. The shots at his wife and kids were cheap… very cheap. I think that Kobe totally deserved the Finals MVP, though, with Gasol a close second. Why do people hate the Lakers?? I even know someone who compared them to the Yankees. That is sooo unfounded though. If an NBA franchise has ever purchased a championship it would be the Boston Celtics in 2008, oh yeah the same squad that just lost to a Lakers team with 2 superstars and a bunch of shaky role players.

  3. Brando


    You’re right, the Lakers were who we thought they were and Boston let them off the hook to paraphrase Dennis Green. I can’t say Sheed whines more since he finds himself as a bench player these days and Paul Pierce can never go back to LA without hearing the screams of wheelchair.

    Yes, the NBA has gotten supremely soft since the 90s, I’ll admit that one. I don’t think I’ll ever hate the Lakers since now a days, fandom has boiled down to being fans of individuals and not teams.

    Let us not get started on LeBron’s whining, that’ll take another 1,000 words to fully describe.

    Like I said, I’m not a hater, I only call things how I see it. He’ll get calls the same way Jordan got them because he’s a superstar. He even got a lot of WTF calls against him in Game 2. LA will bail the guy out if he pulled an OJ in this media age.

    But in a way, the Lakers should have won this series. Best player, better frontcourt with Gasol and Bynum, and a somewhat even coaching matchup. The triangle was never built around having a playmaking PG, just a substantial one who could have the guts to hit big shots. Not once in Phil Jackson’s career has he ever had a Hall of Fame PG. Fisher or Kerr may be the closest.

    And I’ll throw those shots at the kids because that was a parenting fail.

    Thanks for the comments, let’s keep it going.

  4. Tyler Tarver

    Great job Kobe, I’m gonna buy your jersey and give it to my 4 year old cousin. That way, when she shoots, I can pack the crap out of her and pretend it’s you.

  5. savvy4u

    I love Kobe!! Big laker fan! You all shouldn’t use the word hate so loosely. After all he doesn’t hate you. He doesn’t even know you lol Just sayin think about it there is already too much hate in the world. I know how u guys feel i was feelin the same way in 2008…but its 2010 now!! Haha go lakers! had to do it. 😉 have a nice day.

  6. Mike

    that game in general was just a mess. Such sloppy play on both ends. It shows what the NBA would be like if teams actually played DEFENSE the entire season!

    I can’t stand the NBA in general. I’ve always loved NCAA college ball because they play with such intensity on both sides.

    Anyways, the Celtics are going to be kicking themselves in the asses for a long time after this loss. They had control almost the entire game, and they had so many opportunities to pull away and finish off the lakers and they couldnt do it.

  7. pbandchutney

    Hate’s a strong word… I don’t really hate any team, but being an original Houstonian and glued to all the Rockets games as a child, and now living and married to a die-hard Knicks fan, I’ve slowly succumbed to all that is New York – which includes hating everything about Boston. So therefore, I would never have routed for the Celtics, no matter who they were playing. I hoped and prayed that they lost. I think Gasol and Artest really carried Game 7. Kobe was just a shame of a player the whole night, just my opinion. Not passing enough, ball hog in its glory. I totally agree that he shouldn’t have won the MVP trophy.


  8. russellsreviews

    Its no doubt Kobe and Wade get all the calls and I hate Kobe has much as anyone here, but the guy has five championships. Boston has more superstars and a stronger defense and he still beat them. Whats sick is that game 7 sucked from both teams. The celtics didn’t even show up. Around 50 points in the fourth? Aweful. Anyway back to my point, love him or hate you can’t deny how good he is. Even though I like him better, he is way better than Lebron.

  9. Pirogoeth

    I grew up a Lakers fan because my mom was a Lakers fan. I remember watching Magic Johnson and Kareem playing. I remember watching Kareem’s retirement and that huge rocking chair. But when they got Kobe, I started to root for them less. While Shaq was there, I could manage it. But once he left and it became the Kobe show, I couldn’t watch them anymore. I was hoping Boston could pull it off, but it seems that they couldn’t get past the rest of the Lakers.

  10. In Vein

    You were totally right about Pau making an impact. I did not think Kobe deserved that MVP trophy. I also hate it when people make comparisons with Jordan (The greatest ever). It’s true that Kobe has 5 championship trophies now but the actual game content and Kobe’s performances in the finals were horrendous. I think media plays a key role in hyping up Kobe = which in turn will generate income (i.e. jerseys and merchandises). Money makes the world go around…

  11. The Wholesale Challenge

    Bottom Line, Kobe is like the 2nd coming of Christ to the NBA. How can you hate a man who does the impossible game in and game out. He shot poorly in game 7 of the finals, and new he had to contribute in other areas, so he was rebounding like a monster with 15 boards, he still finished that game with 23 points and a few assists. And to address the haters, I know why you hate, because you are still stuck in the 90’s and you want to believe that no one will ever compare to Jordan. But the fact of the matter is you are watching his predecessor in real time. So grab some popcorn and enjoy the show. And if you need some Statistical information Google it, Kobe’s career is far from over and he is creeping on Jordan in every category. Including Rings! When it is said in done Kobe will be on top, by the way Kobe makes it to the finals every other year on average, that wasn’t the case for Jordan. I’m Calling it right Now 3peat!!!

  12. Filipe Rodrigues

    Sorry, but I’m a Kobe fan and all things tou said are crap.

    A guy who scores 19 straight points in a game, and calls the responsability anytime of the game, can’t be guilty just because the way he dresses his daughter.

    In the game, you can see him anytime as a leader. To celebrate the title, every player ran in his direction. They trust him. He unites the group.

    I don’t see any of the NBA stars with these profile. And this is why when he doesn’t play fine, he is still the best!

    • Brando

      Actually, it was 23 straight (Game 5).Glad to help your argument. I can also see him chew out his teammates, make that weird growl face to show intensity and have the urgency to go into Teen Wolf mode when he sees fit.

      Leader? Yes, he’s the face of the Lakers. Likeable guy? That’s highly up for debate.

  13. CAM

    Its crazy how a man con overcome so much, have a hard fought game in which they were trailing much on throughout, just to come back and win back to back titles and be number on in their conference and you STILL hate them….. must be hate in your blood

  14. Rachael

    Lakers fans, please stop being ridiculous. Kobe will never be as great as Michael Jordan. Never.

    Good article.

  15. concertsNsports

    I HATE Kobe and can’t stand Derek Fisher (flops), Pau Gasol (ugly), Artest (Rodman wannabe) and Phil Jackson (surrounds himself with all stars to make him look like a good coach).

    F The Lakers and boycott Jack Nicholson movies. BTW, Michael Jordan had something Kobe will never have…. CLASS!

  16. James

    You obviously don’t watch sports. You don’t like Gasol because he’s ugly?? Ok, take the skirt off and get a clue. Firstly how can a coach “surround himself” with stars to look like a good coach. If every coach could do such then he would. And you want to talk about Jordan having class…. Jordan? Michael Jordan?? You mean the guy who ungraciously gloated and taunted EVERYONE in his Hall of Fame acceptance speech? The absentee owner who also cheats on his wife and gambles too much?? He is the greatest OF ALL TIME but classy?…..NO.

  17. lakers34

    you guys are just a bunch of lakers haters. because the lakers are the best. kobe is the best. period. hate all you want. well just keep winning.

  18. Jamie

    Does anyone want to point out the obvious fact that the Celtics had Pierce, the ugliest-playing guy in the NBA, who ONLY shoots or drives in order to get fouled, and they still couldn’t win? Seriously, re-watch the game and you’ll see that Pierce looks to get fouled on EVERY play. And the trip on Gasol? Come on…They had this guy and still couldn’t beat the Lakers. I hate watching all the flopping, but the rules dictate play, and players play accordingly. Kobe is at least enjoyable to watch at times. He’s a ball hog because sometimes his team needs a ball hog; if he passed every time then we would see Farmar doing nothing or Ron Artest dribbling out every 24-second clock. Pierce makes me retch, I don’t care what he’s like as a person because I don’t need him to be my friend.

  19. Mark

    Haha! Brilliant. Nice job. The only thing funnier than your post is checking out the whining commentary from Kobie Nation.

  20. mik

    you kobe haters are really misguided fools. since everyone in l.a. loves kobe and what he’s done for the organization, you all must be from somewhere else. your psychopathic hatred for l.a. extends to the town’s personalities and athletes; it’s a very pedestrian and biased way of thinking. so you hate somebody. good for you. if he was winning championships for your city you’d probably like him. sure, he’s arrogant, aloof, snippy- whatever. only five percent of pro athletes aren’t. so shut up and root for the teams and athletes you like and let kobe hoist another trophy in peace.

    • Ricardo

      Didn’t he rape a woman in Colorado? Didn’t he then have to spend a bizzillon dollars to buy off his wife’s conscience. Just another overpaid walking felon.

      • mik

        ricardo- you or i don’t have a clue what happened in that hotel room. i haven’t heard any evidence to suggest a rape took place but if you have, state the evidence and your source. if you can’t, you’re nothing but hot air. incidently, evey major player in that case, kobe, his wife, and the alleged “victim”, are corrupt. any hatred toward kobe will never change the amount of rings he owns, or will collect in the future. if you accept that pro athletes are just people with character faults and personal problems like “regular” people, love or hate never enters the picture. you’re just watching games and athletes perform. wasting energy hating is meaningless.

  21. John Hardy Bell

    Great post. I’m one of the legions of Kobe-haters out there. It’s really weird because I respect the hell out of what he does on the basketball court. LeBron’s shortcomings this season only served to highlight Kobe’s on court excellence. But off the court I think he’s scum. I don’t have any proof that he is, he just has that look. I too have forgotten about the Colorado incident. His shortcomings as a person go way beyond that! Maybe it’s those untrustworthy beady little eyes of his!!

  22. jamesk13

    I’m his fan. He used to be a scum, I have to admit. But he changed so much, and that’s what makes him so special as well as his 5th title. He is old, but new, and I like him that way.

    • Ricardo

      Didn’t he rape a woman in Colorado and buy his wife’s loyalty?

  23. Mike Day

    I agree with your take. I would add that Kobe is smarter now than at the beginning of his career when he destroyed all the good he had done for the Lakers by running off one of the greatest centers of our time. That action just showed his lack of leadership, self centeredness, and immaturity. I loved when SI ran the article where Phil called Kobe a narcissist.

    I was LOVING IT when the heavily favored Lakers lost in the NBA finals in 2004. What happened after that?

    Shaq left. Phil left and called KB uncoachable. I’m pretty sure this is when the Lakers became “Kobe’s” team. Nice move, Kobe.

    2005 Lakers 34-48 no playoffs – tremendous.

    2006 Lakers made playoffs as 7 seed. Became only the 7th team in NBA history to blow a 3-1 playoff series lead. (killer instinct?) oh, and some people alledge that the leader quit on the team in the deciding (blowout) game 7

    2007 Lose again the the Suns

    2008 The Lakers acquire the Spainiard, go to NBA finals heavily favored by all the pundits, choke and lose to the Celtics. They blow a 24 point lead in game 5 and lose by 39 in the closer. (killer instinct?) KB goes 40% from the floor 32% from 3…very nice!

    Since then, he has done well. But please, people- don’t compare Kobe to Michael Jordan. Wennington, Cartwright, Horace Grant are not the equivalent to the Spainiard, Kardashian and Bynum. Kobe has more to work with than MJ had. Once MJ got on the Finals, he put a dagger in your face. Kobe had flashes of greatness, but not to the level of MJ.

  24. leocheungblog

    Actually, I am not hate or love Kobe. What I can see this game is Paul Gasol will be the next LA Laker Leader. Look at his number. He is the guy who carry the game. Although Kobe play pretty well and contribute the other thing 15 rebound, Paul will be the next Hall of Framer in LA.

  25. JackBQuik

    Kobe has 5, count em 5 championship rings. HOw many do you have? Hate him if you will, but he’s being hated all the way to the bank.

    Lil ‘Bron has 0 rings, count em, 0 rings and for some reason, gets more props than Kobe.

    Stop trying to bring Kobe down. He is not Michael Jordan great but he is definitely one of the best.

  26. lebeauonsports

    Why is it the simplistic avenue to claim someone is a “hater?” No matter how justified one’s disdain or disgust with a celebrity or otherwise, fans claim the default rhetorical narrative of “You’re a hater.” Fine. I don’t root for rapists. I don’t justify it, I don’t ignore, and I certainly don’t promote it. No matter how great a player is, and certainly Kobe Bean Bryant is one of the greatest all time, I don’t have to like him for his transgressions off the court.

  27. ShopWatchBuy Video Marketplace

    “Why is it the simplistic avenue to claim someone is a “hater?” No matter how justified one’s disdain or disgust with a celebrity or otherwise, fans claim the default rhetorical narrative of “You’re a hater.” Fine. I don’t root for rapists. I don’t justify it, I don’t ignore, and I certainly don’t promote it. No matter how great a player is, and certainly Kobe Bean Bryant is one of the greatest all time, I don’t have to like him for his transgressions off the court.”


  28. QueenPinky

    I’m just glad that someone finally showed the stats on him AND Jordan. Clearly, he is no Jordan. Talented, maybe, but he is no Jordan.

  29. reeah


  30. TCMSM

    I’m in the same camp with Raul in re Kobe. I didn’t like him at first, but after a few years, I began to respect his game and what he can do on the floor. Yeah, he can be prickly and at times tries to be MJ too much, however, Kobe just needs to be himself with what he has.

    Which is why I’m starting to sour over the constant comparisons fans and experts continue to have with today’s players to the legendary players in the past like MJ, Bird, Magic, Mikan, Gervin, Wilt, and Russell.

    They are not comparable by any means. Wilt and Russell played in a different era, Bird, Magic, and Jordan played in another different era, and today LeBron, Kobe, and Stoudamire play in a vastly different era.

    It’s alright to hate or dislike Kobe, but I got to give him his props for being successful, whether his haters like it or not.

  31. idrinkhaterade

    what an asinine comment. i don’t understand why kobe-hating still exists except to say that people are just bitter from many years past. the man has been trying his best to get his teammates involved, and you certainly don’t see that in the stats. if kobe has a 40point game, he’s called a ball hog. if he has a 12 point game, he’s called weak, and nowhere near jordan. he trusted in artest with that last three in game 7, and people will still focus on kobe’s bad shooting night. pau gasol for mvp? really? i guarantee if you took kobe out of the game vs pau out of the game, we woudln’t even be in game 5 of the finals. hate all you want. lakers were NOT the favorite to win, but we still came out on top. hope you have restless nights, and it haunts you for the rest of next year.

    • lebeauonsports

      “lakers were NOT the favorite to win” What Kobe kool-aid are you drinking? I understand athletes, pathetic as it may be, need to motivate themselves as best they can. Jordan was the master at it, taking every perceived slight as motivation to destroy the competition. But your assertion the Lakers were not the favorite is just moronic. You’re selling, and you’re the only one buying. It’s incredibly sad really. If you need to have that sense of “I’ve been disrespected” at every turn just to bring out your best, you’ll end up as a bitter old man just like Jordan. The rest of us will do our best to prove it to ourselves, not be so infantile that we need others’ barbs and jeers to motivate us to “prove them haters wrong.”

      • idrinkhaterade

        lakers lose hc adv due to game 2 loss, lose two in a row in 4 and 5, and go back to staple center down 2-3, and are down up until the 4th quarter of game 7 and you’re telling me that lakers are still the favorite to win? and i’m as bitter as jordan? did you even watch the jordan hall of fame speech? that is not bitterness, that is competitiveness to the very end. so in that masterful paragraph you wrote, your only argument is that Lakers were the favorite to win and therefore i must be bitter and moronic. great argument, with no substance whatsoever. watch some games, read some more articles and get back to me.

    • lebeauonsports

      Thanks for “attempting” to read my reply. You read it with a chip on your shoulder and leapt to the assumption that called you bitter and moronic, which I didn’t. I said your assertion was moronic, and if you continue down the path of always assuming you’re being challenged, you’ll end up bitter like Jordan. But nice try, moron.

      idrinkhaterade :
      lakers lose hc adv due to game 2 loss, lose two in a row in 4 and 5, and go back to staple center down 2-3, and are down up until the 4th quarter of game 7 and you’re telling me that lakers are still the favorite to win?
      See favorites are determined at the START of a series, which they were the CLEAR choice. A number one seed who hadn’t lost a game at home in the playoffs and they’re not the favorites according to you? Damn, you’re a stupid little troll.

      Jordan has become a bitter and extremely petty old man. Why the f*** would he call out Leroy Smith? He threw him under the bus in that speech. That’s pathetic, not competitive. As for reading some articles, I find it funny coming from an illiterate toad like you. Had you read “some articles,” you’d know that Jordan was roundly criticized for his poor conduct and demeanor in that speech you laud. See, I’ll even provide substantive proof of my points even though I know your lazy ass won’t read them.

      Lakers as Favorites:

      Jordan’s Speech

  32. Gerri

    Kobie is a good player. I do not like his attitude. He’s a cry baby It did not play as a MVP player in the series. The Boston should have won the series.

  33. youngcleanlegit

    Whether you like Kobe or not, the thing that gets me mad is that everyone on that court is making more per year than most of us could ever hope to see, all for throwing a ball through a circle.

  34. dagamemasta

    one of the hardest things as a basketball fan is having to simultaneously hate this showboating prima donna of a MJ impostor but having to give him his due for his ungodly skill and athleticism. your post truly captured the feelings of the fans of the other 29 teams in the league wanting the Lakers to fall

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  36. achilliad

    I stopped watching the NBA a couple of years ago, partly because of the selfish Kobe Bryant. My lakers are Kareem, Byron Scott, Keith Wilks, Magic, James Worthy, Kurt Rambis, Michael Cooper (“Coop-A-Loop”), A.C. Green, Michael Thompson, et al. Never thought I would not miss the NBA – but I dont.

  37. soratothamax

    I have nothing against Bryant and his game. He certainly knows how to dish out a good game when he wants to, and he’s a great player. On the court, aside from his personal life, he’s cool. Off the court…..he can be an arrogant butthole.

  38. GlossAngelesGirl

    Did you even watch the series? Be bitter all you want, but no one plays both ends of the court like Kobe Bryant. He lives and breathes the game and if you only watch random post-show clips here and there, you won’t get it. He’s a lifelong student of basketball who arrives hours before anyone else to practice on game days, and plays with more passion than any other player in the NBA today.

    It’s easy not to like him. Most of the commentators don’t want you to. He doesnt suck up to the media, he doesn’t flaunt all the charity work he does (in fact, he often gives anonymously) and he doesn’t pretend to get it when his teammates don’t give 110%.

    Kobe is also the first to say when his game sucks. Shaq is a good time for sure, and the Kobe-Shaq breakup was right up there with Brad & Jen in Hollywood…but he has never played with the heart that Kobe does. Not once. Kobe plays through broken bones and limbs hanging off (literally). Shaq loved the glory and took credit for every win – but somehow when they lost, it was always another player’s fault. That’s not a champion.

    Kobe flat out thanked his team for getting them through the game when he couldn’t sink a shot. That said, and with all seemingly in agreement that he had “an embarrassing game 7,” he still managed to facilitate crucial plays, score more points than anyone on either team and come away with 15 rebounds.

    How can you sit there and say Boston deserved to win? They had every opp to win this one; they practically had it in the bag at one point – but they didn’t. Boston didn’t win because they didn’t fight as hard in the final minutes. Deal with it. As for the refs favoring Kobe… what season are you watching? 90% of the time, Kobe can’t by a foul call. He gets hacked left and right, and rarely do they give him the call.

    Say what you want, but no player studies this game like Kobe does. No player is harder to defend, and no player (not even loveable King James) attempts AND MAKES the unfathomable shots he does. And last night, no player wanted it as badly as he did.

    Boston played a great series. Not one Laker would say this was an easy one to win. But they did win. End of story. The Lakers had to get over a far-more-humiliating loss in ’08, maybe you can get over this one.

    Okay, rant over. Happy Friday. x

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  40. Riley Smythe

    Its a lot sad to know that the only thing (certain kind of) people can use this blogging service for is to put down something or someone who isn’t “like” them. Bryant plays basketball…how serious is that? Why does it necessitate all the hate and negativity? Because of your inner bias. It’s as simple as that. Putting down the man’s wife and children tell it all. You don’t deserve a blog–free or paid for–if all you can use it for is to promote division between people. WASP are the minority on Planet Earth. Face it. All that progaanda and constant barrage of putdowns of “other people” will not stop the changes taking place in the world. The Western culture is destroying itself through moves like the one you made with this blog article.

  41. big johnson

    All you people who choose to ignore the fact he got 15 rebounds are insane. Bad game seven even though he had one of the worst shooting performances in his career he still go ten in the fourth however he had to. Did you also not notice the triple teams on him that freed up the other players et al Gasol. Sorry for those of you who are appearantly on another planet but without Kobe this wouldn’t be a 40 win team let alone be in the championships and if he had gotten hurt along the way they would have lost in four under Gasol’s amazing leadership. In addition all of you who continue to call him a rapist, appearantly don’t remember all the facts of the case because as i recall after he “raped” her she went on to have sex with two, that’s not one but two, other gentlemen an hour later. Not so bad for someone who had just been sexually assaulted.

  42. Magsforlife


    Always best to keep your opinions clean, healthy and respectful!!!

    Being a hater generates nothing but more hate, and there’s enough of that in this small world that we all have to share together.


    What happens on the court should stay right there..on the court. What happens in these players private lives are none of our business. You wouldn’t want your dirty laundry aired out in the public forum, would ya? No, I don’t think so. Unfortunately, athletes alongside celebrities, politicians, and generally anyone of a higher stature are a different breed all together, and then come in the power of the media. Can’t stop the paps / reporters getting their story now, can we? Nope!


  43. sunnydelyte21

    Yes,I don’t like Kobe either. (A True Celtic Fan!!!) I was disappointed in my team…and was aggravated with the refs for send those Fakers to the line ever chance they could get!!

    Great post!!!

  44. Brando

    I think we invest in these athletes lives on and off the court because they’ve been given a chance that very few will ever have. So we nitpick and gripe, shoot slugs at them over the smallest of things when deep down, we kind of want to be them.

    The love people have for Michael Jordan, it’s all psychological. He was recognized as the best in his sport by a wide margin and was plastered on every single advertisement. Revolutionized sports marketing etc. I didn’t say Kobe completely sucked, I only said that his game wasn’t great from a shooting standpoint but he definitely used the absence of Perkins to his advantage to snag those 15 rebounds.

    Kobe is a top ten player on the court, probably the seventh or sixth best ever after taking this latest Finals and adding to his legacy. We’ve been given the right to snipe and make jokes because that’s our opinion. Once somebody fouls up in a legal sense off the court, they’re tarnished forever on the court. Especially in crimes frowned upon seriously by our society (see Rothlisberger, Tyson, Ray Lewis, Michael Vick and OJ Simpson).

    We can make comparisons because that’s the type of “what if” fantasy scenarios we dreamed about as kids. Like, what if Rocky fought Ali. I know it sounds ludicrous but in a moment when his Teen Wolf act didn’t work, Bryant took over in a way Magic did back in the 1980 NBA Finals against Philly.

    Do I hate him? No, I make jokes like people would in a barbershop or a sports column. Every accolade Kobe has gotten is well deserved because he works for them, just like anybody else would do. We tear down “great” people because that’s the American way. Build them up, watch them fall and wonder can they be rebuilt again.

  45. J.I.T.

    I hate Kobe because he’s a rapist, his franchise bought him out of trouble, and has now raised a narcissistic cliché for pop culture to adorn.

  46. xmanrho

    wow. i’m a huge kobe fan. but this gave me great inight. sweet post.


  47. James

    I’m sorry but if you are shooting horribly in a Game 7 and you have the presence of mind and drive to make up for it with rebounds….that is the mindset and strategic brilliance of a champion, and it worked. Also you have to credit the Celtics for Kobe’s horrible night, they pestered him and defended him awesomely. They said before the game that the team that won the rebounding battle WON EVERY SINGLE GAME in the series. Kobe picked up on that and they won. Jordan was a better player and a better scorer than Kobe will ever be, but for Kobe to recognize that he could get it done in other ways(whereas Jordan prob WOULD have been able to get it done on points) shows that he is THE greatest player in the game today. Basketball, contrary to what most Americans think, is not all about offense. The Celtics got this far because of defense. What they did this year was nothing short of amazing. They laid low and preserved themselves all reg season then came alive in the post-season and surprised everyone. They just couldn’t pull it out in the end. I’m a lifetime Lakers fan but I’ll be damned if I don’t respect Doc Rivers and the Celts. I’m shocked that no one mentioned Paul Pierce’s performance in the Finals. He hit some pretty Jordan/Bryant-esque shots. The Celt’s motto was “no hero ball” which meant that strategically they played within a system. They didn’t take many risks(3pointers). I think that that was a mistake in the end. Paul Pierce should have had more of a green light. If anyone on the Celt’s should have played just a little “hero ball”, it should have been Pierce.

    • idiotsshoudlntpost

      if you’re not a basketball fan, shut ur mouth. clearly you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

  48. johnhauge

    i didn’t watch any of it. my wife did though. we’re both so calif natives. i could care less about the current lakers. kobe is a jerk. give me elgin, jerry, wilt and kareem.

  49. OBeePRFans

    I Hate Kobe And NBA!
    Because Kobe Is Like A Response To Michael Jordan Of 21 Century!

    Kobe Is Not/Never Better Like MJ
    They Want Him To Win Every Championship Of NBA, Trying To “Beat” Jordan

    To Me Gasol Or Fisher Was The MVP

    Not The Illuminati Of Kobe Bryant!

  50. jbs23

    Let me start by saying Kobe is a great player. What upsets me is the comparisons to MJ. He is, not matter how hard he tries and poses, Michael. He never will be and he knows that.

    From a basketball standpoint this is obvious. Michael has won six titles as his team’s best player and Kobe has won two (09 and 10). MJ shot 49 percent in his playoff career to Kobe’s 44 percent. MJ has more MVP’s and so on and so on. But do you know how we really know Michael’s better? Kobe has one Finals Game we you can say “without him there’s no way they win”. That was Game 4 against Indiana in 2000. MJ has Game 2 against LA in 91, Game 1 against Portland in 92, Game 1 against Utah in 97, Game 5 against Utah that same year and of course “the shot.” Kobe doesn’t have those moments really. This series he had two great games (1 and 6) two poor games (2 and 3) one epic game (5) and one terrible (7). Game 7 was a reflection of the team he was a part of, not him solely. If the Lakers lose that game his 6-for-24 stinkbomb goes down as a chokejob to end all chokejobs. Then again though Kobe has already had two of those. The entire 2004 season was a reflection of how he and Shaq had put themselves ahead of another title. The disciplined Pistons were more than enough to stop a Laker team feuding of which superstar was number one. In 2008 his Laker team blew a must win Game 4 by giving up a 24 point lead. Can you ever recall that happening to not just MJ but Bird, Magic, Kareem, Russell, Hakeem, Wade, etc.

    Kobe is a polarizing person. Much of America could never forgive him for Colorado and you can’t fault people who think that way whatsoever. His Shaq-jabs are useless. Truly Kobe is the league’s 3rd best player. Lebron is clearly the most talented and despite the poor finish to the Boston series, he has delivered in every sense of the word. His team has not which is why he may be changing addresses in eleven days. I’d argue Wade is better too. His 09 campaign was the best I’ve seen out of a guard in a longtime and as bad as Lebron’s cast is in Ohio, Wade’s a far worse. He deals with terrible youngsters (Beasley) and slow, lazy veterans (Jermaine O’Neal) with great maturity and is focused on Miami going forward, not his own accolades.

    I am not a Kobe hater. How can you hate a player who could put on that performance that he did in Game 5? He is a true great and it has taken him time but he has matured as a player who understands “team”. He is not Jordan however and as much as we try to annoint the next one (we did this to Iverson, Carter and now Wade, Lebron) there will never be another. So stop the comparisons, respect the player Kobe is, have your opinions on the person he is and above all…Thanks to the Lakers and Celtics. It may not have been 1984 great but that 7 game series was equal parts tough, dazzling, frustrating, monumental and draining. If you ever need proof of why so many love the NBA it was on display Thursday night.

    • adrew Nguyen alter ego

      Andrew Nguyen
      June 20th, 2010
      I’m going to be perfectly honest — I didn’t read this article. But Kobe rocks!!!!! So there.

      WELL, not only you are an idiot for saying that, you also disrespect other people.

  51. cappy

    Kobe’s one of the best of all time and you really can’t deny it. I think he’s a bit of a snob sometimes and is self obsessed other times. But just because Kobe wasn’t his best this series doesn’t mean the Lakers shouldn’t have won the series.
    Agreed that Pao Gasol should’ve won MVP. Gasol all the way!!!

  52. Timothy Fowler

    I lived in LA and should be a Lakers fan. But I can’t stand the scuzz Kobe. Plus, the Lakers, in an imitation of the also hated Yankees, stole Paul Gasol to win their titles.

  53. HerLadyVoice

    This is disrespectful. Kobe won the MVP becuase he deserves it. Please dont trash him for being one of the greatest players in NBA history. I in fact think you are a hater. Play basketball, get in the NBA, get at his level, and then you can talk shit.

  54. HerLadyVoice

    Oh and the reason why Kobe said he has one more than Shaq is because Shaq put him on the spot also the year he won a ring and Kobe didnt. He was remembering what Shaq did to him. Who can be mad at him for that?!

  55. ejean28

    I can’t stand Kobe, he’s one of those athletes that truly gets under my skin. I’m not going to deny his skills as a player, but I just dont like the guy. I was so upset that the Celtic let that 13 point lead slip away, horrible performance when a championship is on the live.

  56. xenonlit

    This is disgusting. I don’t see you hating on a white player ever, so I take it as racial. You can’t do racism then whine and lie about it.

    We won, so suck it up before we start hating on your pitiful region and everything about it.

    • Brando

      Whoa, racial? I’m black.

      There’s no hint of racial undertones in anything I said and as far as not hating a white player, none of them make themselves such polarizing figures in today’s current media. But if we’re talking about an athlete who I don’t like that doesn’t have the pigment of a Kobe or even a Reggie Bush, that would be Peyton Manning.

      And the only reason I’d have to dislike Peyton, not because he’s actually pretty funny (SNL was evidence of this) but because I’m from Houston, a Texans fan and happen to be sick of watching him beat us every year before winning the AFC South.

      Stop looking for racist to back up any argument it only makes you look bitter and unable to form a decent argument on facts instead of mere opinions.

    • The truth

      Yeah of course its racist most white people can’t take the simple fact that ever major sport is ruled by black people. Even the world is now run by Chinese, Indians and Brazilians. The world is changed just like Kobe.

  57. nbanotkobe bryant

    yes, we still HATE Kobe Bryant.
    If there is a GOD, then it is a violent, self-fish and prejudice beast because only one arse with its same characteristics could have the victory. But, “GOD-fearing” peopl would said that Satan is in charge, well then God allowed it didn’t God. Either way, it is all the same.
    Kobe is still a Ball Hog arse.

  58. We (Still) Hate Kobe Bryant (via Day & A Dream) « Colour in a Fenced in World

    […] 20 Jun A year ago, we were right here at this same point. This same exact feeling either joy or pure hate for the Los Angeles Lakers winning an NBA Championship. While last year’s title game against much easier competition, this year’s came in seven games at the expense of the Boston Celtics as well. I’m pretty sure all the Lakers fans will break windows ala Jazmine Sullivan in celebration but not necessarily look at the facts: free throw differential, … Read More […]

  59. The truth

    You have to be crazy. Kobe is the greatest since MJ. 5 rings and you are talking about semantics, 15 rebounds the Celtics chocked and Kobe willed this win even with a terrible game. Winning is winning and at age 32 having 5 rings is more than incredible. Stop whining, the man can speak Italian and Spanish, has a beautiful family and is a great role model.
    Those who say things are border line racists against this legend.

  60. estuans

    I even protested why kobe bryant was the final MVP and not pau gasol. Infact Gasol did everything he could inside that that useless bynum was a non factor. Kobe was struggling but the other cast of lakers carried him to his 5th title and somehow others realize kobe had 5th and then compared to MJ after that championship. Since MJ had 6th and Kobe had 5th 1 more to go and they will be all tied up. People forgot that Kobe was not the prime player from lakers it was Shaq who established the first 3 peat.

  61. Sohail

    37-17 in free throws in favor of the Lakers.

    12-5 fouls called in favor of the Lakers in the 4th (Only 1 of those fouls was an intentional foul by the Cs).

    Gasol only 2 fouls in 42 mins…. See More

    Odom 0 fouls in 35 mins.

  62. jabariabramson

    Gee, I hate success too.

    The guy made it into the NBA after high school and has been killing it ever since.

    He must be doing something right…

  63. Lil Treezy

    I don’t like Kobe!Because of many things!

    He only had high scores,but I thinks Pau helped Lakers more than he did!

    MVP belongs to Gasol in fact!

  64. Brian

    Paul Pierce hits the deck anytime there is the slightest contact as if he had just taken fire from a long range sniper. Honestly it surprises me this guy can actually make it to NBA games given how easily he falls over. The Lakers did not perform in game 7 except in the fourth quarter, they were there for the taking yet the Celtics couldn’t finish them off. Yes they were poor but what does that say about the team who couldn’t beat them. Call Kobe what you want but I remember a certain arrogant prediction from Mr Pierce that the series would not go back to L.A after game 2. Most athletes these days are over paid prima donnas anyway so Kobe is no different from the rest, the man however does have the talent to back up his arrogance.

  65. gdubu

    I hate Kobe Bryant because is a rapist. He raped that girl in Colorado. Besides that he is so vain. He is the worst kind of sport athlete role model. Great Basketball player? Yes. Lousy human being? You betcha’.

  66. Anonymous

    First let me say that I am A Lakers fan, have been since I was a kid and watched the show time Lakers defeat the Celtics for the first time. Also I am a Kobe fan, in my opinion he is in a class all by himself in the league today, and the fact that he has so much discussion about him, in the media and in forums like this one just proves that point. He may not be as good as MJ, or maybe he is but that is an argument that can go on without a winner for ever, but the fact is that he is the only player that is even worth opening the discussion for. Statistically neither is on top, depending on how you look at things. There is Bill Russell, most rings ever, Wilt Chamberlain, a 100 point game, and Kareem Abdul Jabar,top of just about every career statistic ever. My point is that it is very difficult to compare players from different eras but I think it is fair to say that they were/are all great players in their own right.

    As for Hating Kobe for personal reasons, how many of you actually know him personally? I see him as being a bit sullen at times but I think that is because of his intense desire to win. That is good bang for your buck if you are a fan of any NBA team. Look at all the players with talent in this league that simply don’t put the effort and heart into winning the way Kobe does, Vince Carter for example, and how big a disapointment they are to their fans and then take another look at Kobe and think again.

    As for his legal problems, let me remind you that he was never convicted of anything, if memory serves he didnt even have to go to trial. And as for his infidelity, well that is between him and his wife, none of my business. I am not saying that I condone this type of behavior in anyone, but I am not going to judge him more harshly because he happens to be an NBA superstar. I am not David Stern so how it affects the league doesn’t really matter to me, I don’t sponsor him so he hasn’t wasted my advertising money, and I am certainly not his wife, nor will I ever be, so none of this is any of my business, as I suspect it is none of anyone’s business on this forum.

    As for MVP, yeah Gasol helped out, so did the rest of the team, but take Kobe out of the mix and they don’t win, Period. As for toughness, if any of you had actually seen the series in 2008 you would remember that the lakers were up by 20+ in a couple of games and blew it. This year they were actually down by 13 and didn’t give up, they chipped away at the lead and stayed at it until they eventually won, what is that if not tough? Both teams played with a lot of grit and determination and despite the lack of scoring and apparent sloppy play in the first half, the 4th quarter was full of tension and absolutely came down to wire, what more could a fan ask for? I say thank you to both teams and all the players for giving me the most entertaining finals in quite some time.


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