To protect and serve.

But who protects you from those who are supposed to protect?

By now, the video evidence of a Seattle police officer punching a woman in the face over alleged jaywalking should be all over your local news. If not, there’s always YouTube (or WSHH for the hood-inclined). There are always three, not two sides to the story. Video evidence will have you immediately wanting to side with the woman in pink who got a Tyson circa ’88 to her face. Fact is that the cop, the woman who got punched and the woman she was with all crossed the line. In other words, a bad situation with the wrong tempers winded up turning worse.

I’m not calling the officer in question a hero and deserving of another medal on his chest, no. More than likely since this was caught on camera he’ll be reprimanded by either suspension or demotion and that’ll be that. If the advocacy groups come out in droves, he’ll probably be fired due to the heat. But then again, could you blame him for taking that extreme action?

Sorry, I’m not a thug and immediately scream “F*ck The Police!” whenever I see them. They’re doing their jobs just like the rest of us and have to react to things a lot better than most of us. Not to say they don’t create problems on their own but some of the time – people deserve the crap they deal with from cops. Old buddy decided to react to a pressure cooked situation with his hands instead of his taser.  Had it been me, might have done the same thing. Wait no, probably would have hit her with the Ric Flair takedown or hit her with that Karate Kid – “sweep the leg!”. Not because it’s a husky chick interfering in what now becomes a police matter, but because she’s still a woman.

Now, like I said before – he shouldn’t have punched her because that immediately gets everybody and their side-chick on you looking for your head. Nobody is going to counter with the, “she was in the wrong for even resisting in the first place” argument because emotionally, nobody wants to hear it after watching a woman get socked in the jaw.

But I’ll make that argument all damn day.

If she would have simply done as the officer had told her, none of this would have happened. It would have been a routine stop; the onlookers wouldn’t have crowded around in a large manner and so forth. Instead of remembering what the hell she watched on Law & Order, CSI & The First 48, she wanted to believe she was Radio Raheem.

Look what happened to him.

Being hard in front of the cops only gets you little stardom for about fifteen minutes. Then you’re going to need a Cold Pack (for your face), a good lawyer and at worse a reputation outside of jail that will pull enough wind when you go inside. Cops have guns, they have badges; they have the law and the United States of America on their side. All you can get to combat that is a lawyer. Asking for outside help by the cameraman isn’t going to cut it. Ask Derrion Albert or the guy who got knocked down by Epic Beard Man.

Trust me, that one ounce of fame for doing dumb sh*t doesn’t equate to merely fighting a case with the right tools.

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