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With Memorial Day slowly crawling to a halt, tomorrow officially marks the start of June. In Texas, that means that the heat will be about as bitchmade as an episode of Basketball Wives.

And that also means that in my particular city, you can’t text and drive at the same time. They announced the law earlier in February and have been waiting until the start of vacation season to spring it upon people. Trust me, it’s possibly the worst time to initiate a law, especially one that is hard as hell to realize is a law now.

Funny thing is, even the cops themselves know it’s kind of hard to enforce a law that has so many loopholes around it. It’s like the seat belt law. You’ve got to be right up on a car, bumper to bumper to even wonder if the driver isn’t wearing a seat belt. But then again, that’s Missouri City – where laws hardly make sense but we’re asked to follow regardless.

That is the beginning of that summer bullshit.

Missouri City Bans Texting While Driving [KHOU]