Earlier today, the nominations for the 2010 BET Awards were released. While there is enough Microsoft Word ammo lined up at the fact they created a Best Female Hip-Hop Artist award just so Nicki Minaj can have a trophy, today’s Speak of Freedom takes direction at a certain teenager from Canada (America’s little, multi-cultural yet kinda slow brother) may change the way you look at Robert Johnson’s creation gone horribly wrong.

That teen?

Justin Bieber.

Let me explain.

Ever since the creation of 106 & Park in the early aughts, it’s been viewed as the little brother to MTV’s Total Request Live. Even back then, *NSYNC crossed over the Viacom border and chopped it up with AJ & Free, so did Robin Thicke after “Lost Without You” started blowing up. But there hasn’t been anything of non-melanin to stick to the channel since Rickey’s white T got blown up in Boyz In The Hood.

Until Justin Bieber got nominated for a 2010 BET Award [See Full Nominations List Hist].

Now, before you go pulling my “angry revolutionary black blogger/music critic card”, I have a confession to make. Yes, there are a couple Bieber songs in my iTunes library. I never truly disliked the kid, it’s just the fact that teen America has propped him on a pedestal of unimaginable hype that irks me. So much that his mere appearance at events and malls have led to people (young women) dying. Yes, the Biebs is one dangerous little mo’fo.

Obviously it may be a stunt by the executives (hell, they’re the same brain trust that fucked up Black Panther for all us comic geeks out there) but then again, in this day and age – what isn’t a stunt by BET? I have to believe that Bieber actually beating Wale, Melanie Fiona, Young Money & Nicki Minaj might cause a cultural shift in BET to the point where they’ll finally be absorbed by MTV and just become one giant reality TV channel that happens to show award shows from time to time.

I mean, it’s not much of a stretch. They’ve got young Caucasian girls bopping their heads and rocking out to Waka Flocka & Ashy Larry Gucci Mane out there, why wouldn’t BET want a chunk of that audience? After trumping Usher on the Billboard charts, gaining credibility with a Ludacris feature, Bieber can’t do any wrong (and I do mean ANY wrong).

If Bieber actually appears at the event and *gasp* wins, what is to happen to change the channel that hardly does anything positive besides give those who are only famous because of other people reality shows? Does his victory signify that BET has accepted not only its own culture in pop music but everybody on the Viacom boat? Does Terrance J finally stop acting like a child without Ritalin on Christmas every time a new video debuts on the countdown? Does Debra Lee retroactivity change the course of little black girls who would much rather shake their asses in a YouTube video than strive for higher education?

Yes, all of what that last paragraph is saying is about as farfetched as LeBron James joining the Rockets but, if done tastefully and correctly, Bieber’s win could cause the channel to finally turn the microscope on itself for once. Not only, it could force BET to ask itself – is this what we want the world to think of when they think African-Americans?

My brother Swag 4.0 had a different take on the matter. In a direct quote after I told him I might lift my ban on BET just for the awards, he stated:

Why would it be all white? *NSYNC was on years before (Bieber). So was Robin Thicke. As long as black people refuse to take stands on things other than what’s real or who’s gay or the top 5 rappers or have this addiction to drama & hood life, there will be no revolution.

Black people are the most superficial people I know. No substance and it pisses me off. All about appearance but no character. What is Obama supposed to do? Flip the world upside down in 4 years. No one can.

America was headed down this road for a long time and no one will take responsibility. Just blame the president. Freedom, in a way, is biting us in the ass and everyone is trying to save themselves.

But hey, that’s what America is about.

I know you shouldn’t forget where you come from (the hood) so we have Soulja Boy with his pants around his ankles. Question: you were homeless then became a rapper? Do you stay true and wear shit stained drawers and a jacket with Dennys’ garbage on it? No. You better yourself when you have the opportunity.

To his credit, I agree with him in that regard, hence the reason why they only thing I’ve truly seen on BET for more than five minutes would be the BET Awards of 2009 (otherwise known as the “Travesty of a Dedication to Michael Joseph Jackson”). As much as we bicker and loved to be entertained instead of actually doing things for progress, Bieber’s ascension over to the little dark engine that may result in some changes that we believed would occur internally once Barack Obama was elected President.

It’s been two years, and as a wise man once said – ain’t shit changed. Which is why I’m hoping that Bieber may be the last hope for BET as throughout its infinite amounts of stupidity, it’s found a moment to actually do something people can talk about at the Water Cooler Monday morning that didn’t deal with the negative.

Or, they could band all the teen single mothers in the world to spread shade on Bristol Palin for making $30,000 an appearance just for having a baby out of wedlock in her teen years. They come together for hate, yet nothing positive, right?

Good luck Biebs.