To shit.

In a sense, you can contribute maybe three different factors as into why Floyd Mayweather survived probably the biggest shots of his career and was able to put on a clinic against Shane Mosley Saturday night:

One, that Mayweather is simply the best fighter of his generation, an unmatched combination of boxing smarts and natural talent.

Two, that Mosley caught himself going for dolo in the 2nd round with those two haymakers that stunned Mayweather and blew up faster than an Ultimate Warrior entrance, leaving him unprepared for the remaining ten rounds and playing into Mayweather’s hand.

Or even three, that training originally for Andre Berto and then having the Earthquake in Haiti derail that fight and then cosmic fate (or Manny Pacquaio being a bitch) ending talks for Mayweather/Pacquaio lead to Shane exhausting himself before the fight. That’s two different training camps for Mosley in seven months, against two totally different types of fighters. You could tell in the makeup. Shane usually is cut as hell coming into the ring. On this night, it looked like Mayweather had conditioning for days, even weeks. He didn’t even look like he broke three sweats the entire night.

Whatever you may want to say, realize that Floyd Mayweather is just as good as his mouth advertises. For once, he actually was hurt by a fighter who seemed to be more powerful and on nearly the same hand speed level that he was. He only adjusted to what he saw from the first two rounds and went from there. Did I think the judges were going to go the near perfect shutout route? No, but I can easily agree with the 119-109 scores from two out of the three judges.

All the fight proves to a lot of people is that the only logical opponent for Mayweather at this stage in his career is the one fighter who we were talking about in the beginning of the year in Manny Pacquaio. With Pac-Man running for Congress in the Philippines at the moment, there is no set timetable on when he’ll fight, if he even wants to step in the ring again. Before this fight, it seemed to be leverage in Manny’s corner after dispatching of Ricky Hatton in two rounds when it took Floyd longer.

But in taking on a bigger named opponent and dispatching of him with relative ease, all eyes seem to be squarely on the Filipino due to the drug test refusal that played a part in talks breaking down earlier this year.

For the sake of boxing, this fight needs to happen.

If Mayweather doesn’t care about money and merely wants to fight the best for the sake of a legacy, it’s Pacquiao or bust. For Manny, it’s more of a political gamble than anything – but then again, we’re talking about a sport that is devoid of big names in its biggest divisions and its wicked stepbrother (MMA) is already moving in and taking its place as the go-to sport for physical combat. Whatever happens, fans have to take this night into account with all the other possible “what-if’s” that consume sports. Hopefully the one “what-if” we can conceivably have could find itself right around the corner.