That’s kind of my outlook right now. Well about commercial radio anyway. If you can’t recall, I have already written about why I wanted to be in the radio business. Then I get the news that the Kracker Nuttz, one of Houston’s most prominent DJ collections got the boot from 97.9 for playing a single verse from Trae.

On their mix show the other night, they played Chamillionaire’s “Won’t Let You Down” remix featuring Trae. Thing is, Trae has been banned on radio stations in Dallas & Houston due to what occurred at the Trae Day Event back in July 2009. Because his name was attached to the event, he gets blamed for what went down. In response, Trae made remarks about Nnete, an on-air personality on the station’s morning show on a mixtape, which subsequently led to his banning.

Bun B called in and said the situation was foul. Listeners wanted to request Trae’s music and got promptly shut down by the phone boards. The main source of promotion for local artists in the city – had blocked one of its own merely for trying to defend himself.

But that’s the nature of the game these days.

Once the Nuttz got the boot, I knew that it had happened again at 97.9. Before the Nuttz had the 7-12 mix show slot, it belonged to Def Jam Blaster & DJ Aggravated, who kept me entertained with music that wasn’t played during the day on that controlled program directed ass playlist they kept force feeding down our throats.

Why do you constantly hear the “F*ck the Radio” chants – issues like this. I wanted to work for 97.9 one day, since it was the station close to home and only felt natural. However, it’ll never make sense for a station to play songs with lyrics like “F*ck these bitches, I don’t care about anything but these bitches” & “Mr. Hit That Hoe” as fellow blogger Matt Sonzala put it in his open letter to KBXX but instead not play ANYTHING uplifting or positive. Here’s the playlist idea for 97.9 and hit me if I’m pulling a Solar at the moment.

Sex. Making Money. Dancing & Partying.

As if all of their listeners do these things 24/7.

If the Box really claims they’re serving the community with the best in hip-hop & R&B then explain to me why its detractors are finding more love in Pandora radio, which shuffles from one favorite artist to the next, almost in a seamless transition.

Fans don’t want the same ten songs, they want balance. You were fans of the music once, before you attained the title of gate-keepers, why don’t we ask the folks of 97.9 and Radio One to step from behind the gate for once?

P.S. – Enough with the damn tax act that you want to say cripples black radio when you won’t even give black radio a chance.

Houston’s 97.9 The Box Under Fire After Trae Radio Ban, Station Exposed For Hurting Community [KIT]