This was supposed to drop yesterday to keep in tune with the new direction the Speak of Freedom category is coming in but instead things had to switch up and wait due to family issues. Frankly, I wanted to celebrate Jay-Von finally releasing his mixtape but there are other things to worry about in the world too.


One of those things – Guru from Gang Starr passing away. I know the situation has been difficult to read and even hear about. Frankly, I’m a Gang Starr fan thanks to watching Mo Better Blues and the song “Jazz Thing”. From there it went to reading articles in The Source about that underground group from New York that technically was from Boston (Guru) & Houston (DJ Premier) respectively. I couldn’t get a copy of any serious GangStarr work so I settled for the Full Clip: A Decade of GangStarr greatest hits album.

Not once did Guru change his flow pattern, it always stayed that same somewhat gravelly way. When the duo reunited for the Ownerz album in 2003, I was geeked out like any fan would. I thought Skills was pretty decent and Rite Where U Stand as solid even If the rest of the album wasn’t as classic as Daily Operation or Moment of Truth. I think as hip-hop fans, we become invested in our heroes. We want them to succeed and live long, Quincy Jones like lives. We laugh when they beef with certain artist, become intrigued when they make silly decisions and want them to come back out on top whenever they fall.

Guru got into a war or words with Premo and then released some questionable work with Solar, which I don’t even want to mention because at the moment – Solar is probably the dustiest and shady character in all of this. He was there at the hospital, releasing statements when the family has said Guru had been in a coma for about a month. Frankly, if this is all done to spite Premier, who was there from the beginning and throw shade for no damn reason then obviously we have problems here. Of high fuckery and bullshit.  Every purist has called for Solar’s head on a pike, and it isn’t for the albums he and Guru put out. Who knows what’s to happen with him, but all I know is that another one of my favorite artists passed – and I only have my iTunes library to relieve his memories.

Roethlisberger Gets Suspended

I can remember back before his rookie campaign, I wanted a Roethlisberger jersey. Mainly because I thought he was a pretty decent QB at Miami of Ohio. Then he won two Super Bowls and played so-so in both of them that his wide receivers won the MVP trophies.

And this sex assault case broke out.

Now, J. Tinsley over at The Smoking Section has already written about this from beginning to end about how everything seemingly seems a little off with the proceedings. Case one gets dropped but now the woman in question wants to sue, Case two sees our resident quarterback using protection and bodyguards to get a woman who was drunk out of her mind to have sex with him while her friends tried to save her – allegedly.

How does all of this stink to high heaven you ask? Because even though he wasn’t arrested or charged for anything, Roger Goddell decided to give Ben a six game suspension for all of his actions with it becoming possibly reduced for four games if he has good behavior. He must also attend behavioral classes before participating in any team activities.

Which utterly makes no sense to me. Plax shoots himself in the leg but since he is currently serving a bid for it, he’s on indefinite suspension. Vick got a year suspension and even more additional games once he signed with the Eagles after fighting dogs. Where’s the women who are crying foul about this? Obviously the media has been slipping on their coverage as opposed to Tyson’s back in the 90s (four years in jail for rape), Vick or Kobe Bryant. Felt like we were on 24-hour Kobe watch back in 2003.

I can see why Santonio Holmes can have a gripe about getting booted out of Pittsburgh and sent to the Jets. Sure, Santonio may not be the world’s most model citizen but when news of his misdeeds hit the media, the Steelers got rid of him with the quickness. Holmes was accused of hitting a woman with a bottle, to which another man has stepped up and said that he did it. There weren’t any arrests, just mere accusations.

Thing is – a player like Holmes at his position can be replaced in Pittsburgh’s eyes. He’s just a wide receiver, they come plenty in the draft and all over the league. Franchise quarterbacks – don’t. Which is why the situation was handled with training wheels and kids gloves by the media & the league. We can play race all we want but sadly here’s the image the NFL is currently presenting.

We don’t give a shit about women but if you kill a dog – you’re out.

Shoot yourself in a club – out.

Be Pacman Jones – out.

Be accused of sexual assault twice, only get four games really = High ass double standard.