For the past couple months, I’ve been dropping off leaks here and there from Jay-Von, each one getting more and more hype as time progressed. Folks kept asking, when’s the full length tape coming out? Well fans, today is your day. 29 tracks going over beats from “Luchini” to even “25 Lighters”, make sure to support one of Texas’ own while going in on your own weed inhibitions today. UPDATE: Seems folks couldn’t get ahold of it earlier with the MU link so we’re going with the UserShare one.

Tracklisting x Download link after the jump.

01. Intro to the Intro
02. Intro
03. Clear the Runway
04. N.E.W.S.
05. 25
06. Damn!
07. Harry Potter
08. Friday Night
09. Fam 1st
10. More Lights?
11. Eleven PM
12 .Dope Boy Fresh & Clean
13. I’m Fly & Why
14. The Trillest
15. Soprano Endin
16. Sailin
17. T.G.I.F.
18. Back N Da Gap
19. Droppin’ Lines
20. How Hot?
21. Da MO
22. Result of Heartbreak
23. Star Wars
24. Boom Bap Rap
25. Hip Hop
26. United We Stand, Divided We Fall
27. I Can Do It 2
28. Outro
29. RNR

DOWNLOAD: Jay-Von – 11 PM (Mixtape) | MegaUpload