I almost wanted to turn this into the third episode of Ten Random Thoughts but instead, it turned into my point of view on two issues going on in the world that I wanted to get on right quick fast. I know I haven’t gone on a social commentary rant in a minute but I’ll be sincerely brief on this one. After reading tweets, eating some good cooked food and other things – I flock over to my usual bevy of news sites and realize that the Nas v Kelis divorce is final & for the sake of mess – that folks are plumb upset that there’s an alternative beauty pageant going on in the middle of country.

“Marriage? This ain’t what the Flocka you want.”

With the whole Nas/Kelis thing, I think I’ve already spoken on it before but now that the divorce is finalized, he’s ordered to give her almost 300K straight up ($299,015.50), 155K in her legal fees & almost another 50K in accounting expenses. Not to mention what he already has to pay period. Fact is, this is some over the top WWE soap opera type of Flocka.

Do I think that Distant Relatives album with him & Damien Marley is gonna do anything to even help Nasir in all of this? No, mainly because due to the two artists involved with the project don’t really have that mass appeal. But touring and otherwise could give Nas a little bit of green in his piggy bank.

Before Lil’ Miss Milkshake comes and takes it all. Better yet, Nas had better take all that money and invest it in his son Knight and then take the two quarters left over and cancel Kelis’ self-esteem like Nino from New Jack City.

“I thought we were talkin’ about diversity!”

So, apparently members of a University of Oklahoma student committee are hosting a pageant for its African-American male students (yeah, all of them don’t play sports either) who show not only higher interests in making a difference in the world – but are easy on female eyes. The title? “Mr. Black OU”.

And somebody already is claiming racism.

I thought we were all done with the racism in pageants when the girl from Hampton won their pageant last year. The reason why there is even an alternative to a regular pageant is like any other alternative – because the absence of said alternative in the mainstream. Does anybody cry racism when there isn’t an African-American on a Homecoming Court? Especially at a sort of known predominately white campus such as OU?


But to claim racism for making a “Mr. Black OU” pageant is like pointing out the smartest kid in a slow class … when you’re in class with the slow kid. What does that say about fraternities and sororities having pageants catering to a certain audience? Does anyone raise a fuss about those? No. There’s probably already a Mr. OU pageant being hosted by another committee at the school and if there isn’t one then it is merely a smaller represented population making their voices heard.

Since when are we to knock those people down?

There’s a black student union on many campuses across the country, there are numerous black organizations that highlight their people more than others because those other people have denied them such a right to stand out.

So let this Mr. Black OU go on without a hitch and if you want to focus so much of your attention on a pageant instead of getting your degree, you went to college for the wrong damn reasons.