This clip is the reason to me why Martin Lawrence had the best sit-com of any stand-up comedian turn television actor. Yes, the best. I don’t count Bill Cosby because I never really found him to be funny on stage. As Cliff Huxtable? Damn right.

Any first season of a ground breaking show is bound to cause some uproar and Martin was no exception. Plenty male ego and relationship issues were crossed, classic characters were introduced but no side character ever stood out quite like Sheneneh Jenkins.

Any time you get to cross reference two things (Jodeci & House Party) that were hot around the same time, you’re going to get some sort of notice. It’s a shame what Tisha Campbell did to mess up the chemistry of the show as nearly everyone involved. Her career almost got resurrected with “My Wife & Kids” but that died out, Martin is fluctuating between funny movies once again, Pam finally got a show of her own in “Everybody Hates Chris” (currently my favorite guilty pleasure show) and well ….

Tommy still ain’t got no damn job.