April 4th isn’t one of those days that usually get revered in the black community. After all, it’s the same day in which we lost the beloved Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Christians will take time out of their Sundays to attend a mass or a service in honor of Jesus Christ’s resurrection after being crucified. Me?

I get to celebrate my 22nd birthday.

Somehow 22 years ago, doctors probably said I wouldn’t make it since I was only two pounds and seven ounces. Now, I inhale and exhale every breath on this Earth thankful not only for the family I have who has been there through my ups and downs but my friends as well. Every post, text message, tweet, etc. that sees them reach out from whatever their doing to tell me something is appreciated. Well appreciated. Without any of ya’ll I doubt I would have started this site or kept my job or even my sanity over the past 21 years of my life. So for the most part – this song is for you.

“We Major”

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