Josh Smith isn’t in the Top Ten players in the league list. I can’t exactly explain why other that the fact he makes plenty boneheaded decisions at times and can only prove to be effective as sporadic as a Trap rapper staying out on the streets. However, in a late game situation I wouldn’t put it past the Hawks to somehow give the ball to J-Smoove.

Last night while flipping through the Lakers/Spurs game, I caught the end of the Hawks/Magic contest and the scenario sets up like this: Vince Carter just hit a three to tie the game at 84. Hawks still have one last possession in them so of course they go to their go-to guy in Joe Johnson. Carter’s guarding Johnson and pretty much forces him to crab dribble his ass off and shoot an awkward leaner.

Final result?

I’m not even mad that it happened because he pretty much did the exact same thing against the Rockets earlier in the season (and don’t get me started on the Rockets this season). Besides the NCAA Tournament resuming tonight (I’m riding with John Wall & Kentucky), the league is pretty much on a high/low flow right now. While the West is busy fighting for playoff position, the only interesting thing going on out East is whether or not Jay-Z’s Nets will finish with the worst record in NBA history. Gotta love this game.