Photo courtesy of ESPN.

If you haven’t been paying attention to ESPN or Yahoo! Sports, then understand this – the Rockets finally got rid of Tracy McGrady and got in return a proven gunner on a bad team (Kevin Martin), a first round pick from 2009 (Jordan Hill) and two journeymen (Jared Jefferies & Hilton Armstrong).

The only sour grape I can have on this entire trade was that the Rockets had to give up Carl Landry who was our second leading scorer. Outside of that, it’s a solid move for the Rockets since Ariza can move back to his known position of the 3, the scoring load is taken off his hands and they can actually make a run at the 8 spot come playoff time. The Knicks? They’re trying to land LeBron this summer, there’s no other way around it.

To McGrady, I can only repeat your sentiments from the playoff series with the Jazz in which you said that if the Rockets didn’t make it past the first round, it was on you. “You tried man, you tried.”