If you’re from Texas, there’s a few things you’re supposed to know about our brand of hip-hop music off the top of your head. First, Houston is known for screw music, interesting characters like Chingo Bling and TV Johnny. Two, Dallas is 50% dance music, 50% club/fighting music. Third, Devin the Dude is the biggest weed head/every man in the state and has done enough to be recognized as a legend, even if he may not have had a platinum album.

This April represents the smokers holiday (4/20) and more of The Dude for you eardrums. After letting down the flight controls from Landing Gear, Devin’s ready to relax in Suite 420. Here’s the first single and for even extra measure – enjoy the classic “Lacville ’79” up top.

DOWNLOAD: Devin the Dude – What I Be On

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