There have been strong tests to relationships over the years, especially in the Afircan-American community. From the “down-low” epidemic to Beyonce almost single handedly forcing marriages by song, relationships have caught some serious hell recently. But none of those previous instances can matchup to the fact that there is a certain pull the All-Star Game lures out of folks.

Last All-Star Game that was held in an odd city was Vegas. We know what happened there, Pacman Jones’ homeboy shooting up a strip club, paralyzing a dude and creating his super evil WWF-wrestler like persona. ASG is coming to Dallas this year and if ASG in Houston taught folks anything – there are abound to be plenty of double takes from both men and women.

The simple way to avoid any drama with your girl or your man during the three day extravaganza of partying, ass, potential one night stands turned into baby mama drama because you left your condom in the car?

Break up.

I know, you’re gonna start screaming “Well wait, this is a true test of a relationship and if he can keep his head straight for three days, we’ll be fine.”

But what about Monday when everything is slowly gonna turn back to normal and he reeks of all things foul only Superhead could make mention of them? How many rappers are gonna toss away money at clubs and bars trying to find a bad chick and possibly take you away from your man? What are you gonna tell him if a rapper or ball player happens to catch a glimpse of you and tosses a few drinks your way and tell you how beautiful you are? Are you gonna stick with your $9.75 “this week, I’m moppin’ floors, next week it’s the fries” boyfriend?

Of course not.

For the sake of him not winding up on Cheaters or The First 48, I suggest you two break up because he will catch a glimpse of a video/magazine model such as Rosa Acosta or anybody else flocking to the D for that weekend and completely lose his damn mind.

For the sake of you not experiencing public embarrassment because of him, I suggest you two break up.
Break up Thursday, go to the events Friday-Sunday, make up Monday. It’s the only way you will walk out with a happy relationship in the long run.

Otherwise, you’ll be cursing him out because the only thing he decided to buy you for Valentine’s Day was actually his own Kobe Bryant or LeBron James jersey which leaves you shit out of luck.