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The Cleveland Show may not have been the best idea for the people behind Family Guy at first. Mainly because Cleveland Brown was probably the weakest character on the show and for him to get a spin-off was believed to be well … stupid. But looking back at it now, it works.

Mainly because if Quagmire got one, you already would know the premise of it being about him and sex and women and sex. Even though they’ve been fighting for respect, you’ve got to admit comedy gold when you see it. If you’ve never been at that point of “sprungness” where you start singing and dancing over someone and the birds come out and appear and it looks like one giant Broadway production – then I present Exhibit A.

Point is, I refrain anyone from seeing this while at work or any establishment where you might get side looks. Because you will get it stuck in your head and you will be forced to sing it. Repeatedly.