There’s something about getting a fresh haircut that changes how you feel period, well as a man anyway. You get looked at differently, women open their minds towards you a little more than if you had your hair fresh off the Amistad party boat and you get a sense of confidence about you that last for about a good week or so. I guess it was fresh enough that random strangers who I didn’t know were trying to offer me to a single woman they happened to know just because I looked decent enough. Sidenote: I feel smooth as hell whenever I rock a button down shirt, might have to make a trip to the Gallo and add on the sharp dressed section of my closet.

Happened twice actually, lol. And people get confidence and conceited actions confused way too much. Confident is knowing you’re going to pull something off and you have the skills to do so, conceited is believing in something you obviously don’t have – like the vain folks who live to be inside of picture frames and in front of a camera for a brief second to catch a watermark & nothing else.

By the way, I’m still super addicted to the McRib. Had two yesterday because those things are so damn good. Thank goodness there’s plenty of home cooked food around here. Still won’t deter me from my random decision of going for 100 push ups and crunches every day like I’m looking for a Spring Break body.

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