Well, not exactly the way this story went down but I always believed that some crazy shit could possibly happen from smoking weed. Besides the usual effects of the munchies and an odd sense to actually sound intelligent, I wouldn’t expect anything less – until death recently came involved.

Now, all of my weed stories come from second hand sources, third hand grabbers and fourth hand carriers who don’t do enough to even warrant three sentences in court. Shows you how lame I can be. Anyway, after snooping around on plenty of sites, I got hit by this article and was immediately – shocked.

We’ve Found the Only Way to Die From Weed

Sounds pleasant right? I mean, get high until your skull is gone and you float off the Earth? Not true. Not even close.

Just after 2AM Friday deputies responded to a disturbance call at the Executive Inn on front beach road. They say Grande pushed a female friend. A camera crew from Zoo Productions filmed what happened when deputies arrived. When one of the deputies tried to arrest him they say he resisted and stuffed something in his mouth. That’s when at least one of the deputies shot him with a taser. They say he pulled the taser probes out of his body, that’s when deputies noticed he was choking.

Deputies performed the Hiemlich maneuver but could not dislodge the item. By the time EMS arrived, he was unconscious. One of the paramedics pulled a large bag of marijuana from his throat. He was pronounced dead at Bay Medical Center. “It’s a tragic situation for our officers, a tragic situation for this young man and his family. What started out to be a simple disturbance call, could have been handled by compliance by this individual, simply giving the officers the marijuana,” explained Sheriff Frank McKeithen.

And if that wasn’t enough – video evidence!