There are some stories you have to really read to believe and then there are some stories that are too hard to believe even with factual evidence that they’re true. And then there’s Willie D and scamming folks out of $132,000 for the sake of an iPhone. I officially hang my Texas rap head in shame in this.

Houston rap legend and former Geto Boys member Willie D. appeared in a Houston court today (December 18), where he formally pleaded guilty to wire fraud related to a fake company, Texas One Wireless.

Willie D., born William Dennis pleaded guilty to the charge, which stemmed from an international scam the rapper was running on customers who were attempting to buy iPhones and other electronics on eBay.

The rapper scammed over 29 people out of $132,000. The victims ordered the phones in bulk, made payments and then received phony tracking numbers.

Willie D. was taken into custody by federal agents in May of 2009 in the Bush/Intercontinental Airport.

He was eventually freed on bond and in July, he pleaded not guilty to 15 counts of wire fraud.

Willie D., 42, will be sentenced to prison on April 23. He faces up to 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. [AHH]

So here’s the moral of the story here folks, the fact that people are so fucking up in arms about a technical device on a shitty network that it took one old hip-hop head to try and make some extra money by fucking over folks should tell you how obviously screwed we are as a people. Fact is, no rapper should come close to pulling off something so stupid when they have held such a reputation for being honest and forthcoming in his rhymes.

Damn Willie D, damn.