To say I have an Allen Iverson moment would hark back to maybe 2004 or 2005. Back in high school, I did the jersey thing. And one of my more happier jerseys to wear happened to be that of A.I. Funny thing about it is that I wore it the exact same day my good friend L-Boogie (is it lame if you’re the only person who gives somebody a nickname?) did and instantly everybody assumed we were going to be dating.

Just because of #3.

Moral of the story there kids, don’t wear the same jersey as a pretty girl when you’re single.

The weird, twisting and weaving story of Bubba Chuck in the NBA has come nearly full circle with reports that the kid who chopped up Michael Jordan coming back to Philly in an attempt to resurrect that nasty crossover and jumper.

After flaming out in Memphis and retiring for all of a week, I think we all felt bad for The Answer. I know I sure as hell did. The fact that the man basically set off the wave of folks having braids, multiple tattoos and questioning practice should be reason alone to have faith in him doing his thing.

That, and he is probably my only hope that a little man can effectively destroy you on a basketball court. So props to the city of Philadelphia for coming in TWICE this season in picking up people who deserve a second chance. A lot of people were considering him going to Houston since it was a similar fit to that 2001 Sixers squad that went to the Finals but the Rockets are way too deep at the point, currently have Ariza at the two and could flip between him and T-Mac when he comes back, so that wouldn’t have worked. But I wonder, where will A.I.’s heart be when the Sixers starting point guard Lou Williams returns from his broken jaw?

I don’t know that answer, that’s up to Eddie Jordan and management to figure out. I’m just happy he’s getting a chance to ball again because God knows what he could be doing. After all, the moment The Answer stops giving them in the NBA, Reebok pulls the plug on him. Yep, the moment Iverson steps away for good, he loses his ANNUAL $6 million endorsement from the shoe company.

Welcome back, hopefully your heart sticks to it.