There’s something about addictions that you have to realize. You can’t escape them and find yourself doing them out of complete habit, even when you want to stop. Somehow, my father’s addiction to liquor has made him pushed to the point where if he doesn’t have a decent enough buzz, he won’t sleep worth a damn. It’s a sickness, one I doubt he’ll ever get over at the age of sixty.

Looking on that other side, I know people who are addicted to a shitload of things including spending their money recklessly then complain about not having it, picking the wrong men with presumed “good” qualities (contrary to belief, a dick size is a quality) or even being a little too caught up in yourself when your star player really deserves to sit a few plays out.

My addictions have always ranged from too much internet, too much music, too much blogging (one of the new addictions I’ve gotten), video games, women (such as Summer Walker above), way too much food and to an extent porn. But there is also an addiction to drama, one that I used to have. I know I used to say a lot that I didn’t exactly want the spotlight or the trouble that came with it and wanted to be low-key – but then ego gets in the way and everything goes topsy turvy.

Which swings me to the point of this – why people are addicted to hearing gossip or ill will about somebody else who in reality, wouldn’t give a damn about them.

… or how we’re addicted to Bossip, TMZ & Media Takeout.

At the moment, the hot topic of gossip in the world happens to circle around a man who about ten years ago created his own race in “Caublacasian”. Right now, I’m suspecting that if he hadn’t gone to here for some counseling and driving then none of this would be all over CNN and Fox News and would have left its ass right as a blurb on ESPN. Is this another strike for the brothas who escape dating/marrying women of their own by picking up snowflakes? Possibly, because we all know the idiotic realities of what could have happened had Mrs. Tiger Woods been a little … ghetto.

Wait, she has to have black tendencies. You don’t go appealing for Jazmine Sullivan songs on a whim. Not a Swede woman anyway. “Irreplaceable” comes way before “Bust Your Windows”. *

The whole situation really reminds me of the Eddie Murphy set from “Raw” when he was talking about marrying a chick from Africa who didn’t know a damn thing about him. Things were fine until she got around her black American girlfriends and created the whole, “what have you done for me lately” and “I want HALF!” fiasco. Now, if Tiger was steppin’ out and around (hell, even the alleged woman claimed she’s never seen his “putter” *rim shot*) then that car accident is just a little different than what we’ve been led to believe. Plus, Tiger ain’t snitchin’ on a damn thing so I guess all of his “races” have come out in this little episode.

Black – “I’m not snitchin’, even if I did do something here. What, I’m worth a billi aggin, you really want me to say “oh, some shit happened?” Hell naw!”

White – “Release a statement and let the lawyers work it out. Buick’ll just send me another Escalade, no worries.”

Asian – “Damn, I can’t drive!”

But, all in all I think we’re addicted to gossip and hearing wild and crazy shit about people because a lot of the things we naturally do would be considered “average” by comparison. Believe me, if I wanted to – I could make a trip to New Orleans during the State Farm Classic look like two hours of “Driving Miss Daisy”.

Then again, that wouldn’t necessarily be me since somehow the addictions you want to leave and replace with others keep showing up in the weirdest of moments leaving me with a story to tell. So, I wonder – what are your addictions? Are they small or big or just plain weird?

* Beyonce, even though she may be the most un-original performer out at the moment makes nothing but anthems for women to tell men who have f*cked up. And any woman who literally takes the Bust Your Windows approach should be sat down and kept away from Waiting to Exhale. I blame Ike Turner for all of that.