For all intents and purposes there has been a recent discussion at my job over which movie to see between The Blind Side (a Disney movie based on the true story of current Baltimore Raven Michael Oherr) and Precious which is based on the novel Push by Sapphire (if you happened to read that as the long title for the movie – kudos to you). Thing is, Blind Side is heart warming with Sandra Bullock bringing in a homeless teen and showing him a better life as he goes on to fame and fortune playing football.

Precious? Try the exact opposite.

Frankly, it’s probably an updated version of “The Bluest Eye” by Toni Morrison mixed in with a little Color Purple and Tyler Perry overtones and if you know anything about the three previous things I’ve mentioned then understand that nothing sweet is always found in those items. And even though I haven’t seen either film, I know I’d rather spend that outrageous $9.50 on Disney than Tyler Perry (at least for this film go-round). Well, as any blogger who has a platform to say whatever is on his mind, I gotta list my reasons for not even wanting to see this “great” film.

01. “The Passion of the Christ” Exists.

If you took that risk and saw “Passion” back in 2004 then you know darn well what I’m talking about. Anybody who actually owns that movie and pops it in on a rainy day is a natural sadist, plain and simple. I could hardly stomach that mess in the theaters while overhearing some other theatergoers scream in horror and these were the same people who laughed during other horror movies.

02. It’s Another “Nice White/Light Skinned Lady” Movie

In the role of “Nice White Lady” you get Paula Patton. She may be the finest lady to ever play the role but I can see what the hell is going on. Not to be racial or anything but haven’t we already beaten to death the whole “dark skinned” gets some relief from a person that has lighter complexion in the movies?

03. Woman Getting Abused/Sexually On Film? No Go.

I’ve sat through Janet Jackson on Good Times, even Antwone Fisher (which at times I feel this is the female version of) and still it doesn’t quite sit right with me that people laude this stuff. I understand that overcoming struggle and strife = good Oscar buzz but there was already a movie like this out earlier this year (and got no real pub in American Violet).

04. There’s Already Been Enough “Black People Are Still F*cked Up” Moments in ’09.

If you want more, I’ll give you Derrion Albert, DeAndre Elliot & the teen violence we’ve had throughout the year. Not to mention what happened to Jennifer Hudson a year ago and almost every small thing in America that keeps telling you this simple fact, “A Black President does not change aggin shit from happening.”

05. It Actually Happened In Real Life.

Shaniya Davis. Enough said.