Alright, let’s break this one down shall we?

Somehow, the ball got rolling when Songz started hopping on track after track getting ready for his latest release, Ready, the Anticipation mixtape dropped and was well received and everybody was well – ready for Trey’s album. Album comes out, does some great numbers despite my words on it and songs like LOL Smiley Face are getting a little play on radio stations. Songz was generating a little more buzz by releasing the Drake song “Successful” for his next single and seemed poised for Ready to be a top R&B album of the year.

And then the video for “I Invented Sex” came out.

All it took was ONE video, just one and next thing you know – Trey has the best week in the world. Sexual relations between men and women spiked 250%, ice moved back into the bedroom instead of staying in the kitchen, folks wanted their sexual montages played in black & white – EVERYTHING! Even causing Toni Braxton to feel like leaving her husband after kissing Trey.


Good job Trey, you’ve officially earned the title “Real Man of Genius”.