So rumor has it that our good alien ass aggin Shaq is chompin’ down Gilbert Arenas’ baby moms. Now, Agent Zero is cool peoples and Shaq seems even cooler but I know Shaq’s track record and I know he’s on pace to try and shatter Wilt’s record of baggin’ broads just because he wears really long socks.

Even though Superhead said his penis wouldn’t make the playoffs. Hmm.

Here’s the rundown. Laura Govan is the fiancee of Gilbert Arenas. They’ve been on and off since ’01, culminating with two kids (a third to be born on December 24th), a custody battle & her actually proposing to Gil instead of the other way around. Shaq, as we know has been married to Shaunie for quite some time but has been known to step around and leave giant traces of evidence (namely gossipin’ women who will talk). Evidence you may ask to link these two together?

Good ol’ text messaging.

Fucked up part is that Laura and Shaunie are good friends so not only was Shaq out of line for getting at somebody’s baby moms in the league, he really could give a fuck less about what goes down. Now, if Agent Zero goes off for 75 against the Cavs the next time they meet, you know why.

Speaking of her…


She might wanna do some tests, cause sadly – she’ll take Shaq money over Gilbert Arenas money. Shame. I bet Gil’ll be playing this in his sleep for a few weeks now.

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    […] I wonder, how much long stroke has Tiger been playing? I mean, he married somebody else’s jump off (Elin was a nanny for another golfer) which only begs the question – I don’t think Tiger has a sex addiction but one to jump offs and side chicks. which is an epidemic in sports right now. I mean, you have the buffet line of women, looking like a five star restaurant and you choose Rudy’s. I swear atheltes spend their time focusing on the wrong side chicks things. I’m looking directly at you Shaq. […]


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