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Stop me if you believed you’d find Keyshia Cole’s mother Frankie on “Judge Mathis”.

Oh, you haven’t? Alright well let’s break this niggatry down. Basically, if you don’t know who Frankie, Neffie or what happens on their BET show then you’ve saved at least three years to be added to your life. If you want to see how a reformed crackie can get a job and attempt to chomp down any young man in sight – during a recession no less – then you had better grab a bottle of Hennessy and switch over to BET from time to time.

But don’t let this niggatry fool you. BET is up to something and have hijacked a courtroom just to promote Debra Leevil’s by product of drinking, odd “parenting” and overall stupidity when it comes to signing contracts. And here’s where it gets even weirder – the promoter who’s suing our dear Frankie? Used to have it in with Freak Nasty and apparently sold 5 million copies of “Da Dip”.

You realize that shit was back in ’97 right? Ah well, just watch and try not to dumb yourself down.