Sigh. My cousin wanted me to post this and throw in my two cents about it and frankly – before the initial listen I’m going to say this. In a perfect world, we wouldn’t hear a thing about a disgruntled former employee of Roc-A-Fella records going on air about his boss. In a perfect world, the crew would still be together and making beautiful music. But we live in the here and now – where the LOX were pissed off at Diddy for yankin’ their money, where Ma$e had to get freedom papers to get away from Diddy & half of State Property didn’t know where their careers were going once the split happened between Dame & Jay.

I at first wished this was a rumor (c. Mosley, Hilson & Carter) but after I heard the “run down the chimney line and shoot ya beard off” line (aimed at Jay saying “Santa Claus isn’t black and you can’t sit on my lap”) – it was inevitable. So, for 7 minutes plus – Beans aims his entire mental at Hov, airing out more dirty laundry than a ho who hasn’t washed in three months. And in some points – I can’t really blame him. For one fact alone: the only person that went platinum on Roc-A-Fella besides Kanye? Jay. Nobody else. Props to 2DBz on the link.

DOWNLOAD: Beanie Sigel – What You Talkin’ Bout (Jay-Z Diss)