My question for this one is simple: Is it too soon? has the public openly forgiven CB after what happened in February? I know YN hasn’t because I’ve heard “Fuck Boy Brown” come from his lips on numerous occasions. Still, Graffiti drops on December 15 and for the most part – I don’t think I’ve ever heard anybody pull off a “singin’ & dancin” ploy in order to change public opinion of them – word to Stepin Fetchit.

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  1. ZuLou

    O Rly? Although the question is valid, you must have forgot about R. Kells and the Chocolate Factory, or every album after his piss-on-u scandal. The Boondocks had it right, sometimes people will stop caring about your personal life if you’re making good music. And this song – this VIDEO – is hot. Coupled with his near-daily apologies on Twitter AND his interview on Larry King, I’m guessing he’ll be selling albums in no time, despite the negative opinions out there..

  2. brandoc06

    Oh, I covered Robert – and even if he slid his ass across the dancefloor to “Step in the Name of Love”, he’s not getting my respect anytime soon.

    This video? Pure flames. CB better act like Kobe did with his case and just work his way back into our good graces. lol


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