While caught in mid-sleep, I heard my e-mail alert on my phone and saw the title Weezer featuring Lil’ Wayne. I thought about it for a second wondering if it would work considering the fact that we’re talking about a great band in Weezer and when it comes to rock music – a somewhat tolerable Lil’ Wayne. I’m sorry, I still have nightmares about hearing “Down” and somehow having a brain hemorrhage.

You know what? No Ceilings had better be the shit Wayne because your last pop crossover has pissed me off to high hell. Get ready folks, I’m expecting Weezy to put in so much work before his upcoming bid that every song in the world might have his name on it. Take On Me from A-Ha? Expect a Wayne remix.

DOWNLOAD: Weezer – Can’t Stop Partying (featuring Lil’ Wayne)