Falcons 49ers Football

After a two week absence, the weekly wrap-up is back and in Cliff Note form. Big ups to Michael Turner, Ben Rothlisberger, Clinton Portis & Wes Welker for going out and straight BALLIN’ this weekend, picking me up a season high 113 Fantasy points. Winning streak for that ass man!

Also, by the way – here’s our biggest posts of the week, in no particular order. My research on how oral sex is more than just a guilty pleasure men want their mates to do is of course first, Gucci Mane and the BurrPrint following suit (how, I have no idea) and Beyonce trying to save the day at the VMAs, with a little Coco sprinkled in as well.

Random shots go out to T.I. and VH1 for going Behind the Music, the female perspective on Why Nice Guys Don’t Finish Last … They Just Don’t Finish and hell, even 2009’s favorite video vixen Rosa Acosta.

So, remember the story I started to tell when the crew went to Dallas and all sorts of monkey wrenches occurred? Let’s just say they involve slides, Michael Jackson theme park rides, a wide assortment of fried food, a car show, a giant Ferris Wheel & comeuppance with clowns and height charts. Oh, and a trip to McDonalds that gave way to ugly hoes and little Hispanic kids with half haircuts. Yes, HALF haircuts.

Oh, if I could think of it and I happened to work at that particular McDonalds, I wouldn’t want people to know I worked there – just like I wouldn’t want anybody to know my name at these places. Word to Alicia Keys. And speaking of things that may have been all sorts of wrong, MTV had a list of their Hottest MCs. They got the top right and everything else? Well, it’s up for debate.

Yeah, hopefully I’m sticking to this category instead of falling off. Onward to Monday.