Alright, so MTV finalized their list of who they thought were the Hottest MCs in the Game and by no suprise – Jay-Z finished at #1, followed by Lil’ Wayne, Drake, Kanye West, Rick Ross, Gucci Mane, Young Jeezy, Fabolous, 50 Cent & Raekwon. Now, like any hip-hop head or someone with a pen that tends to pull a microscope on hip-hop as a whole, I’m going to admit something a shit load of other people are going to iterate.

It’s a flawed list.

Before I get to the more glaring omission, I’m going to take a stab at the current list that MTV has and for the most part, you have to understand their definition of “hot”. It doesn’t mean the BEST because if that were the case, Andre 3000 would be Top 5 every year and Nas would make a claim to being top MC pound for pound. Hot to them means is your name out in the streets, how much commercial appeal do you have and sales/tours/other business ventures. So using that little totem poll or litmus test, Jay would be #1 regardless mainly because Blueprint 3 is fresh in people’s minds, the upcoming tour and the whole “D.O.A.” thing carrying the summer.

#10 – Raekwon. Does he deserve to be on the list in terms of hottest MCs? Yes, have you really sat down, took about 75 minutes of your time and listened to Only Built 4 Cuban Linx Pt. 2? In terms of pure lyrics and cohesion, there isn’t an album out that competes with it. I still haven’t officially reviewed the album but I consider it to be better than Hov’s latest output and that’s not because we’re grading Hov just because he’s Hov. Rae deserves his spot.

#9 – 50 Cent. Does he deserve to be on the list in terms of hottest MCs? No. 50 has gone lukewarm ever since Curtis dropped in 2007. Couple that with just being in the streets due to making beefs with Rick Ross and using Thisis50.com as a jumping point for all of his antics. In order to be considered hot, you have to make some good records and even if I’m not much of a 50 fan these days (okay, Flight 187 was pretty good), a few mixtapes that are just considered good because of your name? Nah, I can’t agree with that.

#8 – Fabolous. Does he deserve to be on the list in terms of hottest MCs? Yes. I will take Fabolous just because of his workrate in the studio (Loso’s Way was pretty decent, few solid tracks on there) and the fact he constantly pops up on remixes. What also comes to mind is the fact that Fab is just like the rest of us when it comes to talking shit on a web forum. He uses Twitter like stand up comedy, roasting folks from Yung Berg (which is really easy) to T-Pain and Bow Wow. That’s the thing though – Fab has at least released an album, marketed it, got a #1 slot out of it and increased his profile. Fif’s been at this same spot since 07.

#7 – Young Jeezy. Does he deserve to be on the list in terms of hottest MCs? Yes. Here’s the thing with Jeezy, the Recession came out last year highlighted by the official “hood” presidential anthem in “My President”. He’s kept his mixtape profile afloat with Trappin’ Ain’t Dead and can still do what he does best, talk about white with no regard for anything else – well maybe the economy and his own bank account. That’s enough.

#6 – Gucci Mane. Does he deserve to be on the list in terms of hottest MCs? Yes. This one was the first no-brainer that MTV had come up with and even though Gucci isn’t the best “rapper” out there, you can’t deny that sometimes ignorance meets a hot beat and winds up making something beautiful. Gucci over Jeezy is a little bit hmm, all things considered but with the high profile spots Gucci has taken (the Obsessed remix comes to mind) and everybody running for a Gucci feature the same way the did Wayne in 07 then it’s well deserved.

#5 – Rick Ross. Does he deserve to be on the list in terms of hottest MCs? Maybe. Only reason why I say this is because it’s Officer Ricky and Deeper Than Rap is the second best commercial release of the year (maybe the best due to the J.U.S.T.I.C.E League production) but after that, what has Ross done? Not exactly enough when I can think of another MC that deserves this spot and pretty much has done the same thing Ross has done this year. A beef with 50 and weathering that not to mention shooting 9 videos for the album too gave Ross this spot. BTW, Mafia Music still is the truth.

Now… Final 4 were Kanye, Drake, Wayne & Jay. You know how I feel about Jay getting the top spot and Kanye was probably a high choice out of the box due to his profile guest appearances and 808s & Heartbreak (fuck what you heard, that album is dope). Drake of course was going to make this list because he is 09’s breakout star and has maybe one of the most lauded mixtapes in So Far Gone. Not to mention that Best I Ever Had has been everywhere and was the Song of the Summer. Wayne being #2? No. I can’t agree with it and simply because of the fact that all Wayne has done is nothing but features for the entire year. We’ve heard about the Rebirth album time and time again and now it’s slated for December.

REVISION NOTE: After hearing the case for Wayne @ #2 by my boy ZuLou, my opinion’s a little changed on the subject. Even without an album this year, last year was Wayne’s year by far. Album wise, wasn’t nothing touching Tha Carter II (lyrically maybe, but in terms of “I hear this in everybody’s vehicle – Wayne got it). So let’s all be clear that while a lot of folks won’t think Gucci Mane is hot (in the South, he is), Wayne is still the definite #2 rapper in the game right now behind Jay-Z. If I was going to give kudos to T.I. for his 08′ then I’d have to do the same for Wayne. It’s only fair.

Who would I have put on that list instead?

T.I. & Eminem.

Case for T.I.: Paper Trail went double platinum, the Year & A Day mixtape was solid, T.I. was making bank even after getting his Chevy endorsement pulled and even had a high profile show on MTV. Couple that with all of the hits that Paper Trail had and the song of 2008 in Swagga Like Us and Tip should have crashed this list without regard. Hell, even while locked up there’s enough ammo out there (no pun intended) that gives you reason for T.I. to be one of the hottest out.

Case for Eminem: Um, Relapse? The sequel is dropping later this year and when his radio frestyles have been getting major hype, the Forever record he had with three of the top four on MTV’s list should have told you that Em was nothing to be fucked with, even after a half decade layoff from making solo LPs. Even the Bruno incident was a little hilarious and not to mention the scathing diss he gave Mariah Carey (and should have done the same with The-Dream since he wrote the damn song) warrant a mention on this list – at least for this year’s edition.

Now, after ranting – time to go finish Entourage.