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BURR! La Flare crashes the MTV list and it’s well deserved, even if he is one of the worst “lyrical” rappers ever, but I’ll be damned if he doesn’t make some of the best car riding music around. Damn you Swag for getting “Stick ’em Up” embedded in my head. Speaking of which, 18 days til SVR10!

Gucci over Jeezy? That’s gotta piss the Snowman off even more.

Why He’s Hot: It’s been in the air for a couple of years now. Gucci Mane’s name has been bubbling — no, boiling over — in the underground scene, and he’s been inching his way closer and closer to cracking into the top 10 Hottest MCs in the Game since ‘07. The Gucc didn’t just break through this year; he’s been able to leapfrog all the to way to the middle of the pack by having a cult following of pavement dwellers in the ‘hood and charming Middle America with a gold-tooth grin and a gaggle of guest spots on high-charting pop hits.

In all his flamboyant splendor, Gucci has accrued a die-hard core following that devours everything he puts out with extreme delight. The mode of attack for La Flare — as he calls himself — has been spending sleepless nights in the studio recording literally hundreds of records. As soon as a song is done — or a hefty amount of them, anyway — he puts it out. Gucc has almost replaced Lil Wayne as the street-CD poster child.

The Atlanta native will never get spoken about in the conversation of great wordsmiths, like a Royce Da 5′9″ or a Jadakiss. His subject matter is great, but his wordplay is sometimes criticized for being elementary. So if it isn’t his rhyme schemes that
have been winning him new fans and accolades and keeping his core satisfied, what is it? Simply put, Gucci is a character.

Co-Signer: Mariah Carey: “He’s real. He’s one of the realest people I ever met,” Carey told MTV News about Gucci. “He’s nice. He’s cool. He’s talented. We got together, I listened to his music. There’s something that reminds me of the moment when I first met ODB. It’s like when you’re working with somebody that really contrasts you in a good way. I had a great time. This is really gonna be something I’m gonna remember for a long time. It was amazing.”

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