No, this isn’t a post to say I had a bad day (I’ve had quite the lazy one to be precise, laughing at Bill Simmons on ESPN) but there are other folks in the world at the moment who are having one of the worst days in awhile. I mean, yes – Chicago is on the list thanks to losing their bid for the 2016 Olympics so is David Letterman for admitting to smashing some of his co-workers because he was being extorted for $2 million.

Then there’s the story with Ted Williams and his frozen head.

I’m already at odds with Obama at the moment due to his last minute “lemme jump on this” shit with the Olympic bid instead of taking care of more pressing domestic matters but then again, ain’t shit changed in the world when somebody from around my way gets killed for no apparent reason. I’ve always wondered since when did the male ego become so bitch-made that losing a battle with words or at worse case – a simple fight with your hands wasn’t the end?

The thing with Obama is that he cannot seem to sit his ass down on one particular issue long enough before running off trying to fix or do something else. I’m sorry, but since when was it ever great for somebody to start something, press it like the greatest thing since sliced bread and then drop it to go fuck around? I really don’t think as the POTUS you should be procrastinating on stuff, especially when in your own backyard of Chicago education issues are low and it isn’t safe to even attend public school with the stories of beatings and murders rise in the city. A city that is strapped in a financial turmoil like most of the country, unemployment through the roof (high as it’s been since Reaganomics) and a health care issue that has been beaten to the point where, who even cares these days?

And the only reason why I ask these questions about Obama is because we’re talking about someone who promised so much and had a lot of people drinking the “kool-aid”.

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With Letterman, D played that shit real cool, turning it into what it was – a joke on his show. I mean, any man in power will tell you – when they assume the title, the “drop draws” status increases ten fold. Ask Bill Clinton, ask Kobe Bryant John Edwards. Only difference between those two and here – Dave went on the offensive with it although the funny thing about it – dude had heart surgery after the alleged dates in question.


Funny thing is, the guy who tried to get six figures from Letterman actually works for “48 Hours” – yes, that crime show on CBS, claiming that Dave’s “world was about to end”. So moral of the story here is kids, even though it was a close call for Letterman to avoid any sexual harassment case on his hands – you know damn well not to fuck around at work, especially when all eyes are on you since you’re the star. Also, kudos to Dave for doing this while single instead of handling all this stuff way before he became married and had a son.


If you don’t know who Ted Williams is, here’s a brief synopsis: Last baseball player to ever hit .400 for a season, probably the greatest hitter of all time, final MLB at-bat was a home run, died at age 83, his son and daughter argued over how to take care of his remains, body eventually sent to Arizona and frozen by cryogenics, son winds up dying of leukemia less than a year later, head beaten with a monkey wrench attached by bumblebee tuna – wait, WHAT?!

Look, I know the last little bits of that synopsis got stranger and stranger but when you find out a man’s frozen SEVERED head gets beaten with a monkey wrench while trying to dislodged some Bumblebee Tuna is not only absurd, it’s … I have no words to describe how fucked up and weird that is really. Yahoo put it like this:

In what can only serve as the latest and best argument against being put on ice after death, a new book alleges that workers at an Arizona cryogenics facility routinely abused the disembodied head of the Hall of Fame slugger and “gleefully” took photos of it.

Sadly “Frozen,” written by former Alcor lab exec Larry Johnson, doesn’t stop there with the gruesome details. According to the book, Williams head was “crudely” removed from his body by untrained workers and placed upon a tuna can for safekeeping. When his head stuck to the can, a worker reportedly hit it with a wrench to dislodge it.

A tuna can.

Yes, can we just BURY Ted Williams and leave the story at that? Man, what a day.