Blame It Week.

7 Days of  “Getting’ Out of Pocket”.

Joe Wilson. Michael Jordan. Serena Williams. Kanye West.

All this and more plus Andy Rooney on tonight’s 60 Minutes. Oh wait, wrong forum of media. This is the Sunday Wrap-Up, since Brandon decided to write his ass off about a certain awards show and then try to go to work at 6:45 AM the next day. Blame it on him.

So, how do we start this? I call it, The Blame It Awards. Since there was more blaming this week than any other I can remember sans black people vs. George Bush, it’s only right we start off with blaming it on Ignorant Parents towards Barack Obama. They’re blaming Obama for having his speech writer create a dozy of a speech geared at education and America’s school children. Only problem was, some members of PC America weren’t having it and thought it was “above” the President to talk about education. Wait, so the man comes from one of the poorest school districts in Chicago to another one in D.C. and he can’t say shit to your kids about doing the right thing? Get the fuck out of here. Last time I saw a President doing anything educational he was reading a book upside down to elementary school children. I’ve heard of dumb it down but then we’re talking Bush here – you’d be attempting dumb down a brain that is about as smooth as the pavement on the ground.

I blame Fall for starting at the end of Labor Day. That every memory I have from this past summer is just that and that Fall brings on slightly cold weather and holidays that drive people nuts (i.e. Halloween & Thanksgiving).  I don’t blame The Beatles for making dope music, but I blame whoever decided to try and pimp them out against Jay-Z this week for sales. But I blame all the folks who pulled a giant hate move on Caster Semenya for making her take a test to prove she was … a RuPaul.

Really, I don’t even blame Aaron McGruder for coming up with the promo poster for season three of The Boondocks. I always wondered what Huey would do with a black President in office (well, besides cry obvious conspiracy). But I do blame Barack Obama for stepping up to the plate and giving his side of the Health Care Reform issue. Only thing is Joe Wilson, Republican Senator from South Carolina decided to speak his mind and claim that the President was a liar. Blew up all over the news, folks were righteously upset because he dared say something about the President (which he looked like that one kid that yells out some shit but then tries to pass blame). While he was bold for standing up, he almost single handedly helped the Dems pass the Reform.

Not to mention Tyler Perry for killing one of my favorite sub-genres in movies.

I blame everybody and anybody who ever did Michael Jordan wrong for what happened at his Hall of Fame speech. Put it like this, the greatest usually tend to be assholes a lot and Michael decided to up the ante of assholeism by including all of the people who had “beaten” him at one point in his basketball career. High school coaches were catching it, Byron Russell caught it, Jerry Krause caught it and even Michael’s kids caught a bad one from His Airness by simply telling them, “I wouldn’t want to be you”. Fuck Mike, we let you be great – there wasn’t much need for you to clown everybody during your Hall of Fame speech. I mean, true, you could have gone out there like Rickey Henderson and bust out, “I’m MJ, peace!”

Instead you acted like a slave for reperations.

The line judge for Serena Williams acting an ass on Saturday? I can blame you too. If you didn’t make such a baffling call when Serena was two points away from losing, it wouldn’t have happened. Serena would have possibly come back (well, would have had the chance to) but by calling a “foot fault” of all things led to Serena unleashing that “Compton” in her and letting a flurry of F-bombs aimed at the line judge who apparently was scared for her life. After she felt threatened, Serena was docked a point for unsportsmanlike conduct (a damn FOOTBALL penalty) and lost. If you know tennis, John McEnroe did worse – I don’t remember him ever losing a point for his actions.

Last, I blame it on the alcohol when it came to Kanye last night acting a complete ass (yet again). No need to recap it, I wrote all of my thoughts on it last night.

A salute – to blame it week.