madeaThe reason why you haven’t seen a black romantic comedy in Hollywood recently.

Something hit me while watching Deliver Us from Eva on TBS earlier this week, the lack of an actual black comedy going on in Hollywood right now. Earlier this decade we had Love & Basketball, Brown Sugar (which is like Love & Basketball without the basketball but hip-hop instead), the aforementioned Eva, ATL (a love story if not anything else) and that is about it. Ever since we got our slew of Madea movies sometime around 2005-06, look at how many movies we get from the African-American side of Hollywood. Then it hits me just how many black movies we’ve had this year get wide released – 3.

Two of the three have been hit with the already silly tag line, written for the screen and directed by Tyler Perry.

Tyler Perry with a wig and a gun has killed the black romantic comedy.

Don’t believe me? Then ask yourself. How many genres get smorgasbord into one Tyler Perry release? He’s got plenty of drama; religious overtones and some romance sprinkled in all into make a hell of a lot of “life” movies. All of this has been done to the point where no voice in Hollywood that has some sort of pigment deeper than the night to get any sort of shine.

Do I dislike Perry for doing such a thing? No, he played his cards right and took over Hollywood in his own way. The monopolized way he did it though, I’m not too proud of. I haven’t seen John Singleton make a film since Four Brothers and a movie that even captivated my attention since Baby Boy.

I guess that is what you get when you let one person take over a single aspect of film.

By letting perry take over with his own studio, every African-American release with even a hint of romance or relationship issues is going to get shot down because the Madea seal of approval isn’t on it. Come to think of it, the only urban film besides a Madea film that was released this year was “Next Day Air” (whether critics liked it or not, I did. “Chill don’t pay the bills”.)

So I’m wondering, who is going to take the step and give film goers something else to wonder about other than a 6’5″ black man dressed in drag who chain smokes and shoots people, all in the good name of a “momma on the couch” play film?