obamahealthcarereformWait, you said what to me?!

“You lie.”

Soon as I heard this on my television screen last night, I instantly knew it was by a Republican who couldn’t contain himself from speaking out. Other Republicans were just as bad with signs (told you this politics shit was like wrestling) and their copies of the Health Care Reform bill.

When the camera panned to show that it was South Carolina Senator Joe Wilson, needless to say I wasn’t surprised. Not once do I remember during any other Presidency in my lifetime (Bush I, Clinton, Bush II) the opposing party in Congress getting uppity and mad as hell over something during a Presidential Address. Even though the Democrats hated George Bush’s guts, he had to work with them and in a sense become a Democrat in Republican skin (they took that 2000 election hard as hell). And since the media is liberal as hell anyway, they’re going to tell you that George Bush was the worst President in history – not true.

The Dems were the ones who got us in this mess with their overzealous spending in Congress and Bush gets the blame because his hand was forced into signing those damn bills in the first place. If he wasn’t going to sign them, you know Congress (which was a Democratic majority) were going to use their power and force that bill to be passed regardless. Sorry, but I hate it when folks go on one particular platform without knowing EVERYTHING that went down.

Although he did fuck up by claiming WMD’s (now that should have gotten the “You lie!” treatment. But then again, Bush got a shoe thrown at his ass so I guess it makes up for it? *shrug*)

Back to our CAC of the week in Senator Wilson. Something in my bones tells me that he wouldn’t have had the gall to directly challenge the President like that if Obama didn’t have the best edge up in the room. Oh wait, I mean to say because the President is black, yeah that’s the definite answer. But as it stands, more than likely those “rebels” in South Carolina are going to re-elect this pompous ass with the Confederate Bars & Stars proudly being thumped on the back of their pickup trucks.

The shame in this that while Obama gave an excellent speech and actually went in attack mode for once (instead of playing his usual defense) the only thing that will get any shine in the media is that bumblefuck Wilson’s battle cry.