BYU Oklahoma FootballOklahoma losing, another reason why I <3 college football.

What can be said about losing your temper then regaining it? What can be said about losing something so precious to you only for you to swallow your emotions and hold firm? What can be said about college football returning to the forefront of sports as well as the NFL to its rightful place as one of my main focal engagements on a Sunday to Monday? What can be said about a President who while runs his own agenda can’t say the same for his own, or how music can be pushed out to the public quicker than a hiccup?

What can be said, despite the fact that we’re on another holiday and yet – my ass has to be in work that day?

All of this can be answered – on a Sunday.

As I’ve previously stated before, I have respect for Barack Obama and I wish him to succeed as President and not act so passive when his detractors are hot on his ass. However, how he handled the Van Jones fiasco shows more that the party that he carries on his back has no spine in the face of the Republicans and can somehow just break whenever the Elephants get a little pissed at something. Fucking with their money and you see what happens, lol.

Before that however, this week was known simply as “The Leak” as Jay-Z’s The Blueprint 3, Raekwon’s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…Pt. II and Kid Cudi’s Man on the Moon: The End of Day found their way on the internets this week, so much so that Jay bumped up his release date to this Tuesday. My opinion on the Cudi album is forthcoming but as far as Jay is concerned, it’s another solid offering and just strengthens his claim of being one of – if not – the best rapper(s) ever. He wasn’t getting #1 status just by putting it out on the 8th anniversary of the first Blueprint but he will now.

After a peaceful time at UH where I regained my interest in just going back and finishing for the sake of a damn degree and a more positive living situation (not that I don’t love my folks but being on your own is what so many yearn for), I spent some time playing pool with a great old acquaintance, which led to the theory that an iPhone was like a husband or significant other. Well, anything can be related to a husband/significant other, all depending on how long you favor certain things.

Speaking of favorite things, me and music. I have now become critic. Oh dear goodness gracious.

But out of all the weird news this week, the fact that Tommy from Power Rangers wants to fight in MMA … that just stands out. If they haven’t been killing people this year, they’re doing this. All I’m saying about Jason David Frank is this – he won’t have four other folks to back him up of different nationalities whose Ranger colors match their … skin colors. Or the flute. Or the dagger. Or the White Tiger Zord. Of course, honorable mention goes to Lil’ Boosie for trying to cover Michael Jackson’s Bad album for a mixtape. There’s just something considerably wrong about that, but then again – remember women are willing to get the Box Ghost rapper tattooed on their chest so who knows.

BTW, the King of Pop was finally laid to rest on Thursday, almost three months after he passed. And we still miss him.

And the fuck-ups:

To LeGarrette Blount, your one hitter quitter will make plenty a YouTube highlight. But your level of Ron Artest style mayhem will get you what Ron-Ron got back in 2004, suspended for the rest of the season. What seemed like a sure bet since most folks put you as the #2 running back leaving college this year and headed to the draft – you just really fucked yourself on that one my friend.

To Andre Smith, welcome to the Tough Break (no pun intended) club. I mean, mere days after you sign your rookie contract, you break your foot? Damn man.

To Pacman Jones & Shawne Merriman, seriously, the hell were you thinking? Well, Pacman we know you don’t think but to Merriman, you should have known damn better about trying to mess with a reality star who failed at trying to find love TWICE. Flav got three shots out of it but at least he came out a winner in the end. All Tila got sadly was some flashing shots on UStream and some stupidity to come out of her mouth. You. could. have. done. BETTER.

At least Wheelchair Jimmy & PV are having great Labor Day Weekends. If I could get a day off on a holiday this year, I’d have a great one too.