vanjonesVan Jones, exposed by Google & YouTube.

Political rants hardly get the pull they used to. If I were talking shit about Frankie, Neffe, Tina, Toya & women in general, everybody would be up in arms. When it comes to shit you should be aware of (or something I think you should at least consider) it doesn’t really get across. Well, here’s hoping something I hope a lot of people understand.

For all of the independent bones in my body, Barack Obama, our president of the United States sometimes suffers from a strong case of bitchassness.

Yes, I said it. Bitchassness.

He should have dropped Clinton during primary season last year when she was falling on her face and should have pulled the plug on McCain as soon as he possibly can. Hell, if he had nominated a woman for VP (well, a woman that women will go for), McCain wouldn’t have gotten one damn electoral vote. It would have made Regan winning in 84 look like a someone winning the title of “President of the Third Grade Class”.

And before you get anything TWISTED about this – I voted for Obama last November.

When it comes to items and topics he wants to get across like health care reform and the giant government bailout and stimulus (which worked nothing like the Bush stimulus plan which gave you $600 or more direct), Obama is on that shit without regard. When it came to one of his own czars in Van Jones getting railroaded to the ends of the earth by Fox News talk show host Glenn Beck, Obama didn’t back his choice for “green jobs czar”, all of which led to Jones resigning sometime early Sunday morning.

Now, if you know anything about politics, the shit is like pro wrestling. On camera, there are good guys and bad guys (whatever side you choose depending on your beliefs) but when those cameras go off, everybody is in the back collecting some money. The best ones get a little pull behind them and become President and others are left to be on the school’s PTA board.

Obama’s selection of Jones as a “Green Jobs Czar” was great on paper because Jones at least had the connections and history of doing some sort of good when it came to the youth and working towards a cleaner and more energy efficient America. Problem was, Jones background check wouldn’t pass for anything close to being a safe bet. The guy was a radical in all shapes of the word, talking all kinds of shit about the Rethugs calling them assholes and proclaiming that George W. Bush & his administration had a little something to do with September 11th. Sure, anybody on the street can say some stuff like this, but when you’re in the public eye – sometimes you have to learn to just shut up.

Only problem was Van couldn’t shut up. When he saw Beck’s comments on Obama calling him a racist, Van swooped in calling for Beck to lose his sponsorship along as his job for saying such a “foul” thing about the POTUS. However, you must realize that any facet of the media, especially somebody as big as Fox isn’t going to bat an eyelash at losing sponsorship or one show because the sponsors know where the money is – and it’s not with a non-court appointed aide of the President. So Beck being a “journalist” went to task on Jones and brought up all the crazy shit he’s done, including deem himself a communist and proclaim that right-wing environmentalists were poisoning the inner city communities. In a sense, Jones was speaking the same sort of ideals that the Black Panther Party spoke about in the 1960s. It’s funny how Van Jones comes for the same pieces of Oakland as the Panthers.

Come Monday, this is how Beck is gonna look.

In the same vein that the Panthers failed by not realizing the power of the government, Jones and Obama failed by not realizing the power of the media. All of the promises and agendas Obama stated during his campaign went by the wayside as soon as Jones status was uncovered. So, like anybody in power who needs to drop some weight before something big – Jones “resigned”.

Or in other words, “Nigga you’re causing too much damn heat on my ass right now, you need to go somewhere.”

Where Obama failed at with Jones was that if he appointed him to be a czar was to stand behind his boy and his choice. Instead, he cut him loose only days before he makes his big health care reform speech which may or may not help Obama when it comes to what the public thinks. Something the Bush administration was damn good at (and let’s be honest, it wasn’t Obama vs. McCain last November, it was Obama vs. Anything But Bush) because hell, did you forget that Vice President Cheney shot one of his friends in the FACE and then the guy held a press conference to APOLOGIZE TO DICK CHENEY! I know I usually don’t commend gangster like actions, but damn that was just brilliant.

While I don’t support a damn thing Faux News does and that Jones did the right thing by at least attempting to get Beck off the air, Beck knew his power card and played it like T-Pain plays with his Autotune controls.  The Obama administration went full steam ahead on the health care issue and when it came to what was happening with Jones, all White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs could muster was frankly – “he still works in the Administration.”

Guess not.

Keep this up and Obama is going to be a patsy served on a dish for the Republicans in 2012. Don’t think Sarah Palin isn’t sitting back in the wings.