If you watched Boise State vs. Oregon last night, then you knew this was coming.

Before I get into why Blount is in this position, let me remind you of what he said last year, “Boise State needs to get their asses kicked this year because they beat us by two last year”.

His on the field response? Eight carries for negative five yards and two catches for 13 yards. The thing which will be talked about after that performance will be this.

LeGarrette Blount’s “one hitter quitter” on Bosie’s DL Byron Hout.

Perfect punch? Maybe. Did Hout deserve it for talking shit and slapping Blount on the shoulder pad? Depends on who you ask because his head coach was trying to stop him from doing anything else and not have the situation blow up. Blount’s later reactions and fighting with his own teammates who were restraining him did him no help and to make matters worst, he almost went into the crowd and fought some of the fans. Thing was, he was yet again provoked by some unruly mf’s and he acted as if his life were in danger. At least he wasn’t out there using his helmet as a weapon.

Why is this stupid? Because, Blount was on the road to the NFL, a dark horse Heisman candidate and was on the COVER of Sports Illustrated for one of their college football preview issues. You already know Commish Roger is looking at him like, “Hell no. Don’t even think about it.”

Oregon is probably going to suspend him for a few games but the best Blount can hope for is to just shut the hell up and play the rest of the year. He’ll be taking anger management classes definitely. But man, if this wasn’t the way to end up on national television in a bad way, I don’t know what is.