Drake – Forever (featuring Lil’ Wayne, Kanye West & Eminem)

And now the internet has officially been blown up. What was once an old throwaway Drake track that once featured Nutt Da Kidd (what is a Nutt Da Kidd anyway?) has now been turned into an all-star who’s who of artists, all thanks to LeBron James and his More Than A Game documentary. Of course, […]

Jay-Z – Venus vs. Mars

Timbaland must reallly want to piss Jay off with these leaks. Props to the NMC UPDATE: Now without tags and more “thump”. Expect the same for the other two leaks. Reminds me of when they re-worked on “Stronger” for Graduation.

Food For Thought: Top Ten Lies Told To Black America

Cue Profyle’s song. Peeped this at Black America Web

The Good & Bad: Turning Flirting to Skinemax

Ah, some original content. It kind of gets boring posting what everybody else posts so why not go for something of your own? After going through the relationship game and the flirting game in the 21st century, it’s obvious if you’re looking to date somebody you met on a social network (like you haven’t skimmed […]

Gordon Gartrell Radio – Episode 15

Next to Foxxhole Radio – this is my favorite radio show, even if it is a podcast.

The ReThugs Didn’t Like “Off That”

Like Bill O’Really (I know it’s O’Reilly) wasn’t going to respond to Hov mentioning his name in his new track. You know I hardly mess with Faux News but Bill is reaching for ideas now. First attacking Ludacris for being the Pepsi sponsor, then Cam’Ron getting on Bill when he brought Killa on the show […]

This Shit Right Here…[Vol.4]

Don’t act like LA Gears earned your pennies when it came to elementary. The same way Melissa’s own your dollars ladies in high school. How much difference a month makes? Well not exactly but it was a month ago that I posted the last version of This Shit Right Here. So without further adeu, here’s […]

Aww Damn: MJ’s Death Ruled A Homicide.

It’s a wrap for his physician.

Before The Dirty Tennis Ball…

Amber Rose had hair. And looked damn good with it.

Mos Def – Human Nature (Michael Jackson Cover) [Live]

I respect the Mighty Mos and believe that his latest release The Ecstatic is his second best solo release behind Black On Both Sides. When he steps out of the hip-hop box, he can come up with something amazing like “Umi Says” or he can go and make Tru3 Magic. This falls under the Umi […]



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