compact discs

As a blogger, there’s two things I can seemingly count on when it comes to music releases. One is unquestionable love/hate and a lot of e-thuggin’ claiming that you’d whup somebodies ass when you do most of your type behind a computer screen. The other is the album being leaked two weeks ahead of time, or in Fabolous’ case – three.

And the NMC is somehow always involved.

Another one dropped today, and this one had already started to come apart once the idea that you could just hand in the album wasn’t exactly going to happen. Unless you’re about to sit up and press the album yourself and sell it out of your trunk like you’re a regional artist. Do I blame anybody for this happening? Yeah, you blame the folks at the label, producers, weed carriers. Can’t blame the fans though. We clamor for new releases like water, especially if we know our favorite artists are coming correct with the music.

So hats off to all of those who currently defeated the machine yet again and came through their own accord. Even though we already know there are going to be enough people to justify first week sales, you can’t drop anything weak or anything deemed “not of caliber” and expect folks not to be either upset or with the idea that, “them singles were weak, I know the album’s gonna be fire though.”

Am I going to let the cat out of the bag? Hell no. As long as I’ve been aware of leaks and folks pushing up their albums (Trey Songz pushing Ready to come out today just in time for Grammy season), they are really unstoppable and if I technically paid to get a chance to get a hold of it, should you really blame me? Even though the Recording Industry Artists of America attempts to control this sort of thing, all fault can be thrown to the folks who actually control the product.

I’ll honestly say that the last album I can remember purchasing was back in 2000. That was nine years ago. And I got Back for the First Time by Ludacris, Country Grammar by Nelly. I can’t remember anything else besides Rule 3:36 by Ja Rule but I hope you get my point. It’s been that long since I felt an album made me completely say that, “Yeah, you deserve it.”

In the meantime, I’ll give you these two freebies and then the answer should be effin’ obvious.

DOWNLOAD: Jay-Z – Hate (featuring Kanye West)
DOWNLOAD: Jay-Z – As Real As It Gets (featuring Young Jeezy)