lightshowWhile it was nothing like this, it still was pretty cool.

Two things before I kick off this wrap-up.

A) The Luma Light Show includes two things. One, if it’s at Miller Outdoor then you had better show up like six hours ahead of time and beware civilians who don’t know that cars are in their presence (which means there will be a blog about the don’t of going to an outdoor event, ghettoness is included).

B) 9 EST for a fantasy football draft when you get off of work at 8 is some bull, especially when EST means absolutely nothing to you when you live in the central time-zone.

With that, we’re on Sunday. And officially at 5,000 unique views. Damn right!

So I’m well aware that the Drake record “Forever” is probably the biggest song to end the summer, much like Swagger Like Us was the biggest song to end the summer last year. Do I feel that Eminem bodied everybody else on the beat? Yes. Do I feel that Wayne came in last yet again on a star-studded lineup and got his ass ate up after he begged to be on a track with Em? Yes. Can you possibly change my opinion on this? Probably, but Wayne’ll be last by default. The other three might be interchangeable.

But you can’t deny the fact that this one song has overshadowed (more like loomed like Shaq vs. a midget) the fact that not one, not two, but three Jay-Z tracks from Blueprint 3 leaked. All from Timbaland’s camp apparently. And all the evidence points to Timbaland’s camp because these tracks all are produced by Mr. Mosley. Does it mean the rest of the album might suck? I hated “Jigga That Nigga” from the first Blueprint but the rest of the album? Greatness. Singles don’t make albums, whether labels realize this or not. You want to know why rock and country records still sell a lot, regardless of the digital age? Because the fans love the albums. Hip-Hop? We wear the fuck out of a skip button.

By the way, Venus vs. Mars > the other two leaks.

Speaking of music, I also let my creative juices flow and make another version of This Shit Right Here…, giving a little spotlight to those from the underground Atlanta scene and almost everything else. Which is a lot better than some of these DJ’s who talk all over the damn track and instead of you getting a punchline, you miss the whole thing. And it scares me that even though it’s back to school, we as a country believe Lil’ Wayne is a viable spokesperson. Now if they told young Weezy F. Baby about a sex ed class back in high school then he’d be in a better child support bracket. I’m just sayin’.

We also paid tribute to Aaliyah this past week, while losing DJ AM in the process. Kind of eerie that the guy survived a plane crash a year ago and then dies this week, the same week that a Final Destination movie dropped. I’m sorry, but it just had to be said.

In health news, the discovery that skinny jeans aren’t going to save your life should wake up a whole lot of folks, but we have to be aware – unless Jay-Z tells the world that skinny jeans are wack, nobody is going to pay attention to it. Or that one testy woman who can’t stand another woman will scream and shout that bald hairstyles are wack. Needless to say, women can’t agree on enough to even come to THAT position, which is why they can’t rule the world.

In terms of athlete stupidity, bitchassness can always be attributed to it. Some folks beat up cabbies, others take pictures of themselves with weed in the background and then Brandon Marshall (who is killing my namesake with every breath) decides to up the bitchassness ante thanks to his actions during practice which wound up getting him suspended. He deserved it, he should just man up and play but no, athletes are spoiled little brats who think they can’t do wrong but instead do ALL wrong.

Also, you can’t press the PS3 on me with a low price and a new slim version. Sony sucks as a company, which kind of kills my idea on it. If Apple wasn’t so high end, I’d consider a Mac, even though I know they’re pricey as fuck but hey, that’s me.

Also, I’m an asshole sometimes, but you already knew that, especially after Thick vs. Fat (which somehow amassed over 300+ views in one day). But Black America needs to realize that everything that is good can actually be bad and that they can’t be sexy with their babies pictures in the back.

Extra Note: My FF Team, Team Slaughterhosue (only because I couldn’t think of Vick In A Box) has this for an offensive line-up:

Matt Ryan, QB Atlanta
Michael Turner, RB Atlanta
Clinton Portis, RB Washington
Brandon Jacobs, RB New York
Wes Welker, WR New England
Bernanrd Berrian, WR Minnesota
Zach Miller, TE Oakland
Patriots Defense/Special Teams
John Kasay, K Carolina

A lot of yay’s and a lot of boo’s. Mainly because I had actually made it to the draft and watch it on time, I’d attempt to grab Randy Moss and the Steelers defense. But when I know somebody has both Moss & Larry Fitzgerald, I’m instantly pissed. Oh well, hopefully the season’ll turn out great for my squad.