Thank God I probably won’t have to deal with you come Fantasy Football season.

And sorry Manny, but your Broncos may not be going anywhere this year.

Now, why do I consider Mr. Marshall to flat out stupid? There’s a variety of reasons. Like the constant domestic violence issues (he just got cleared of one not too long ago) or the fact that he wants to feel like a big time wide receiver on just two years of good work. No, it’s the whole trade me or pay me thing that led to his dumbass getting suspended for the rest of the preseason.

Source: ESPN

The Denver Broncos have suspended Brandon Marshall for the rest of the preseason for insubordination.

Coach Josh McDaniels met with Marshall Friday morning and informed him he was being suspended for conduct detrimental to the team after exhibiting open acts of insubordination Wednesday on the practice field.

McDaniels informed the team in a full-squad meeting of the decision Friday, at the end of a meeting in which they discussed the upcoming game against Bears.

Marshall said during an ESPN interview Thursday night that he was not trying to force a trade through insubordination, but that frustration got the best of him during a disruptive display at practice this week.

In the video aired by KMGH-TV from Wednesday’s portion of practice that was open to the media, Marshall was shown walking when the rest of the team was running during warmups, insolently punting the ball away instead of handing it to a ball boy and swatting away a pass that was thrown to him.

Marshall said some of the video, which included a shot of him sitting on his pads before practice, was taken out of context. But he acknowledged his frustration boiled over and that it was an error in judgment to act as he did, especially when he punted the ball.

“I think everybody knows there’s a lot of stuff built up there, and me handling it that way wasn’t good,” Marshall said.

Marshall said he wasn’t trying to force his way out of town — he asked for a trade this summer after the Broncos declined to rework a contract that will pay him $2.2 million this season.

“I’m not out there trying to be a distraction to the team,” Marshall said. “Unfortunately, yesterday I kind of let my frustration get the best of me.”

Marshall, held out of the Broncos’ preseason game at Seattle on Sunday night after admitting he didn’t know the playbook and running almost strictly with the scout team last week, said he wants to get ready for another good season in Denver.

If you want a new contract, go out on the field and earn it. Don’t ask to be traded just because Jay Cutler got in a tizzy with ownership and McDaniels and decided that things weren’t for him. Which was stupid in the first place because they should have just kept Mike Shanahan to begin with. Ownership is going to give him that because he’s, dare I say, the QUARTERBACK. You see how Anquan Boldin just let it go after complaining about his contract situation with the Cardinals for the better part of two years. They just got to a Super Bowl (almost fluke like but still).

Do us a favor and just shut up. Acting like you’re five doesn’t solve shit, it only makes you look stupid when your boss decides to say enough is enough and puts you in timeout.